AFCEA Washington, DC Internet of Things Summit

Internet of Things in Support of the Mission

The inaugural Internet of Things Summit will be held on May 17, 2016 at the National Press Club. The event will be a deep-dive into how IoT has affected the tactical environment and sustainment of missions. It will feature challenges faced by the warfighter in real-world, tactical and in-garrison situations and what IoT industry solutions are available to achieve mission objectives.

Panel topics include:

  • Sensing the Battlespace
  • Sustaining the Mission
  • Challenges and the Future of IoT

Continuing Education Units

AFCEA Washington, DC will be providing sessions approved to support continuing education requirement for maintaining CompTIA and/or GIAC certifications.

CompTIA certifications:

  • Challenges and Future of IoT: A+
  • Sensing the Battlespace: A+
  • Sustaining the Mission: n/a

GIAC certifications:

  • Challenges and Future of IoT: 1 CPE
  • Sensing the Battlespace: n/a
  • Sustaining the Mission: n/a

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