What are people saying about IT Roadmap?

This is a technology event unlike any other for IT professionals -- one that’s uniquely focused on letting you explore the most relevant technology trends that are likely to have the biggest impact on your business.

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"IT Roadmap exceeded my expectations both in terms of the quality of the presentations and the professional contacts I was able to establish. The current economic climate combined with the conference quality serves as a natural filter to attract the best and brightest change agents and knowledge experts."
- Tim Deppa, General Manager, Solutions and Technology, Oki Data Corporation


"IT Roadmap Conference & Expo is well worth the time from a busy week. I learned both which directions to move in and what was most important in terms of quick and critical next steps to improve ROI and conserve our limited IT resources. I will definitely make it a point to attend the next conference!"
- M. Kobar, CTO, Lymeware Corporation


"IT Roadmap Conference & Expo provides a platform for industry experts to present new, relevant concepts and technologies in an engaging way, peers to share information from real-world experiences, and for individuals to network at a professional and personal level."
- Richard E. Steele, Manager of Information Services, Ratcliff Architecture


"IT Roadmap is an excellent conference to gain a true understanding of today’s IT challenges and solutions. "
-    Guillermo Lopez, VP of IT Infrastructure, St. John Knits


"IT Roadmap is extremely informative in getting to know future IT trends, highly interactive in sharing the experiences of user communities, and an excellent opportunity to see the latest products and services."
-    Chandra Sangubhotla, Senior Vice President, Radiant Systems Inc.


"IT Roadmap is an excellent venue for people involved in all facets of the technology industry."
-    Andy Lewis, Manager, Global Network Operations, Toluna USA


"To succeed in technology today, you have to look across industries for ideas and innovations – IT Roadmap helps me achieve that."
-    Jerry Justice, IT Director, SS&G Financial Services


"IT Roadmap presented pertinent information about the IT trends today and in the future.  The real world cases presented were an excellent way to compare experiences. "
-    Daniel Pierson, Project Manager, Northrop Grumman IS


"IT Roadmap helped validate the infrastructure blueprint that we are following in my organization."
-    Edward R. Andrews, Network Manager, Allegiance Health


"The IT Roadmap presentations helped me to focus our efforts in server and desktop virtualization.  I truly appreciated the time with the vendors and the opportunity to discuss mutual problems with other attendees. "
-    Jeff Williams, Director of IT, Hospice of Saint John, Lakewood, Colorado


"Each time I attend the IT Roadmap conference, I meet some of the best and brightest minds in the industry as well as many ways to save our organization thousands of dollars. Truly, not to be missed."
-     Ken Mays, CTO, Blastwave.org Inc.


"IT Roadmap provides the right mix of looking forward to the future and the trends in the industry along with the solution providers to tackle the problems of today.  It certainly provides me with the information necessary to keep abreast of this fast moving industry."
-    Larry Josefowski, Supervisor, IT Client Support, Pepcoholdings, Inc.