2016 U.S.-China Legal Summit - Hong Kong
CLE/CPD Credit

CPD: Certificates of Attendance are available for participants that require certification. For additional questions in reference to CPD, please contact Lazette Jackson, Director of CLE & Accreditation, at cle-dept@alm.com.

CLE: We will apply for U.S. CLE credits for any requested jurisdiction. For state specific CLE questions, please contact Lazette Jackson, Director of CLE & Accreditations, at cle-dept@alm.com


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I obtain my U.S. CLE credit?
A: You should pick up a CLE form onsite at the Registration Desk. All attendees are required to sign in and out in order to receive credits.

Q: Is there an additional charge for CLE credit?
A: No, ALM will cover the CLE fees for participants of the conference

Q: Which states will CLE be offered in?
A: ALM will apply for CLE in multiple jurisdictions. Please contact our CLE Manager at ljackson@alm.com to get updated information on your jurisdiction(s)

Q: Can I receive credits in more than one state?
A: Yes you may receive credits in multiple states, however you should check with the CLE Manager at ljackson@alm.com to see if each of your states have been applied to for credits.

Q: Who reports the CLE credits to the CLE boards?
A: ALM reports the CLE credits to all states that the conference has been approved for and that are not Self reporting states. Once we report and or verify your credits you will receive a signed copy of the form via email.

Q: How long will it take before my CLE credits are approved?
A: If you submitted your form before you left the conference certificates are processed within 30 days of the conference. However special arrangements can be made if you have an upcoming filing deadline if you speak directly with a staff member of our CLE Department.