2016 Law Firm Chief Information and Technology Officers Summit

The Law Firm Chief Information & Technology Officers Forum combines cutting-edge updates on legal technologies with the chance to exchange practical guidance and discuss daily challenges with peers. Attendees of this event include titles such as Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Directors of IT, Chief Knowledge Officers, Security Architects, Chief Executive Officers, and more.

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    • Approaches to Client Security Audits: How Do You Handle the Onslaught? Can You Push Back On Requirements? Should You?
    • Say Hello to the Robots: AI in the Law Office
    • Measure to Manage: Employing Data to Promote Positive Behavioral Change at Your Firm
    • The Things You Own Will Own You: How Do You Manage Purchasing to Maximize Efficiency?
    • Convince the Lawyers: How to Make the Case for the Disruptive Impact of New Technology
    • What Innovators Are Doing to Offer Streamlined, Secure DMS on the Go
    • You Promised WHAT....? Creating Order from the Chaos of Outside Counsel Guidelines