Energy Solutions 2010

Conference Agenda

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
World Trade & Convention Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Please note times, topics and speakers are subject to change and as speakers are confirmed their names will be posted over the coming weeks. Track “I” and Track “II” are concurrent sessions held in separate rooms during the afternoon with delegates being able to choose between either Track during the registration process, see following definitions of Tracks.




6:00 - 8:00am
Exhibitor Setup (Energy Café Area)
8:00 - 8:30am
Welcoming Refreshments (Energy Café Area)
8:30 -
9:00 am
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Dale Robertson, President & CEO, Enerscan Consulting Ltd.
(Introduction by Wayne Lewis, CBCL LImited)

Mr. Robertson's remarks will focus on the gains to be made by focusing on energy conservation as part of any organization's energy strategy to reduce energy consumption and costs.
9:00 -
9:45 am
Evaluating Your Present Energy System's Energy Efficiency 

Determining how efficient your present energy system is operating and identifying your energy needs is a crucial step in considering a new system. A professional energy audit can help determine your present situation and provide options for reducing energy consumption. Understanding energy efficiency & conservation and the programs available is key to how you can manage energy and that will be beneficial when you start to compare which energy system is best suited to your application or needs. Allan Crandlemire will address the programs available through, the newly formed, Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation and
Elizabeth Weir
will speak to her organization's range of efficiency programs and services that are designed to provide comprehensive solutions for residential, commercial and industrial consumers, followed by a Q&A period.
Moderator: Mark Durant, Rexel Canada Electrical Inc.
Elizabeth Weir, CEO & President, Energy Efficiency NB
Allan Crandlemire, Interim CEO, Efficiency Nova Scotia
Chuck Faulkner, Manager, Commercial & Industrial Programs, Conservation & Energy Efficiency, Nova Scotia Power
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9:45 - 10:30 am
Comparing New Energy Options

Coal, oil and natural gas have supplied most of our energy needs, but reliance on fossil fuels has resulted in air, water and soil pollution, and contribute to global warming. Eventually, these resources will be depleted or become too expensive to retrieve those that remain. Renewable energy resources, offer clean alternatives. This presentation will examine these new energy options and how they are being implemented. This session will focus on the importance of comparing your energy options for the best solution, followed by a Q&A period. 
Keynote speaker: Sheila Brown, Associate- Architecture & Design, Stantec, Ottawa
Sheila is also on the Canada Green Building Council’s LEED Technical Advisory Group, and the CaGBC Faculty.

Introduction by Katherine Retallack, Manager, Demand Side Management Programs, AMG Energy Inc.

10:30 - 11:00am   
Networking & Refreshment Break (Energy Café Area)
11:00 - 12:00 pm
Designing Your New Energy System

Many of the new systems being installed today are integrated systems, a combination of new technologies along with your existing system, or installing a complete new system consisting of two or more technologies such as solar, wind, natural gas, heat pumps, biomass. This session's panelists will provide case study examples including the design experience of creating a state of the art academic building for Dalhousie University and designing energy systems utilizing new technologies in existing buildings and in new builds. Both Keith Roberston and Tom Watson and will walk us through the design and very specifically the integration of renewable technologies that make Dalhousie University's new academic building a leading example of how to optimize renewables in a commercial application, followed by a Q&A period. 

Moderator: Susan Fitzgerald, Partner, Fowler, Bauld & Mitchell
(Susan holds BID, M.Arch, IDNS, MNSAA, LEED AP)
Tom Watson, Principal Engineer- Buildings, CBCL Limited
Keith Robertson, M.Arch., NSAA, LEED Accredited, Solterre Design
12:00 - 1:30pm   
The Technology Trend- Where are we heading?

Keynote Guest Speaker: Claude Cormier, Department Manager of Mechanical Engineering, Roy Consultants (Introduced by Peter Mann, Regional Energy Specialist, Nedco Atlantic)
Claude will inspire the audience using two recently completed commercial projects that demonstrate how an integrated approach to deploying more than one renewable energy technology can result in a highly successful project.
1:30 - 2:15pm  
Track I 

This session explores the new technologies for burning biomass, forest residual and other forms of biomass that are available to today's energy consumers.
Philipp Marktl's presentation will explain his turnkey concept for utilizing Binder wood (biomass) boilers without an upfront investment for the customer, only a monthly payment based on Btu/GJ consumed basis. Scott Smith will focus on cost comparisons of an industrial application, using wood pellets versus a more conventional form of heating, followed by a Q&A period.
Moderator: Daron Thomas, President, Thomas Industrial Sales Ltd.
Philipp Marktl, Wood4Heating Inc, Prince Edward Island
Scott Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager, Shaw Resources

Natural Gas
Track II

With natural gas serving many locations in NS including Halifax & Dartmouth both Gary Schmeisser and Chris Marryatt will focus on the benefits, equipment, applications and energy savings when purchasing, installing and operating a natural gas system,
followed by a Q&A period.
Moderator: Rohit Seth, Business Development Specialist, Heritage Gas Ltd.
Gary Schmeisser, Director- Facilities, Saint Mary's University
Chris Marryatt, Atlantica Mechanical Contractors
2:15 - 3:00pm   
Wind Applications
Track I

This panel will look at COMFIT from an industry's perspective and aims to demystify the perplexing question of which wind turbine is suitable to install at your location? Have you considered wind resource, location, variances, financing, cost comparisons and the payback period. With a focus on these questions our panelists will help you determine if wind is the right option for your application, followed by a Q&A period.
Moderator: Aaron Long, Manager of Energy Resources, Minas Basin Pulp & Power Co. Ltd.
John Simon, Vice President- Operations & International, Seaforth Energy
Dan Roscoe, COO, Scotian WindFields Inc.
Lighting Systems
Track II

With advanced lighting technology it can be utilized in almost all situations to reduce energy consumption.  Modern lighting systems combine the latest in energy efficiency for both indoor and outdoor applications. Examples of these technologies and lighting retrofit solutions will be the focus of this panel session, followed by a Q&A period.   
Moderator: John Keough, GM, Nedco Atlantic
Ken Cartmill, VP Business Development, LED Roadway Lighting Ltd, NS
Mark Derrah, Account Manager, Osram Sylvania Atlantic
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3:00 - 3:30pm   
Networking & Refreshment Break (Energy Café Area)
3:30 - 4:20pm   
Track I

Solar technology is ever changing and this session explores both photovoltaic and thermal systems and the opportunities of integrating with existing or new systems. Marlene Moore will discuss building a case for deployment of solar technologies for industrial, institutional and commercial clients including comparisons of purchasing, installing and operating systems, followed by a Q&A period.
Moderator: Sheila Brown, Associate- Architecture & Design, Stantec

Todd Ramsey, General Manager, Ontario, Seaforth Energy
Marlene Moore, Green Power Labs
Ground Source & Air to Air Heat Pumps
Track II

In this session, you will hear how geothermal ground and air source heat pumps can be cost effective to install in most applications whether as stand-alone systems or integrated with existing systems. Kyle Fetterly will use the most recent commercial project, the Halifax Farmer's Market as an example of how they played an integrated role in the installation of ground source heat pump technology, followed by a Q&A period. 
Moderator: Jim Retallack, President & CEO, AMG Energy Inc.

Kyle Fetterly, Director of Technical Services, Brewster Well Drilling
Roy Watts, President, Advanced Control Systems
4:20 -
4:30 pm
 Closing Remarks - Conference Ends
4:30 -
5:30 pm
 Exhibit Takedown


    Energy Solutions for the Future...Today! 


Tuesday, November 23rd
World Trade & Convention Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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