Energy Solutions 2010

Energy Solutions will be back in 2012 with a new look and a new name. 
   ENERGY SMART 2012 is scheduled for November 8th, 2012 at the World Trade Convention Center.
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This year's conference offers small to medium sized businesses, large residential complexes, governments, and small industrial and institutional energy consumers the opportunity to meet and hear from over 20 leading industry experts. The day hosts 11 sessions on alternative energy solutions including lighting, solar, wind, biomass, natural gas, air to air heat pumps and more! Meet face to face with industry installers, representatives, consultants, engineers, planners and designers as they address key energy solutions including Efficiency, Planning & Designing and Energy Trends!
Conference Theme: Planning & Designing Your Energy System!
Before you can plan and design for a new energy system, you need to determine your energy needs, your building's blanket, and how efficient your present energy system is opertating. Now that you have established your energy needs, the next step is to compare the technologies that best suit your application.
Hear how new energy technology can optimize your return on investment over less modern oil and electricity systems. Experts will explain the benefits, installation & operational costs and potential payback period when installing lighting, solar, wind, natural gas, geothermal, heat pumps, and biomass systems. They will provide examples of actual installations and their outcomes.

Alternative energy experts will provide a series of presentations on energy efficiency & conservation, provincial and federal incentives and programs. Attendees of ENERGY SOLUTIONS 2010 will have the opportunity to have their questions answered by leading experts with an emphasis on reducing your energy usage and costs. 


Energy Café- Exhibit Area
To provide exhibitors the best spotlight, the “Energy Café” is a cafe-style refreshment area centered amongst the exhibit showcases.  Exhibit booths are located around the perimeter of the "Energy Café" providing exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their products & services to conference delegates.  

Exhibitors will also gain exposure to delegates as they mingle for scheduled refreshment breaks and luncheon.  It offers delegates the opportunity to discuss business in a Buyers & Sellers atmosphere where you'll be able to discuss deals, form partnerships, and even negotiate power-purchase-agreements.

This Year's New Format and Venue!

In response to last year's soldout event, this year's 5th annual ENERGY SOLUTIONS 2010 showcase & conference is moving to the World Trade & Convention Centre (WTCC) in Halifax. The new venue allows for more concurrent panel sessions on renewable & alternative energy technologies, products and their applications for business, commercial and residential complex consumers. Also, the new Energy Café exhibit showcase is larger providing attendees the opportunity to meet throughout the day with exhibitors as they showcase the latest in renewable & alternative energy products and services.


Panel Sessions 
Each panel session will host two 20-minute presentations by panel experts followed by a 20-minute question & answer period to allow attendees the opportunity to share their questions and get the answers! Topics include:

Evaluating Your Present Energy System
Understanding Energy Efficiency
Designing Your Energy System
Technology Trends
Natural Gas
Lighting Systems 
Ground Source & Air to Air Heat Pumps
• and much more!


World Trade & Convention Centre
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
8:00 - 4:30 pm

Who should attend?

• Building and business owners & managers, residential complex managers and homeowners!
• Property planners and developers!
• Retailers and representatives of alternative energy systems and services!
• Energy & Efficiency consultants!
• Engineers, Architects and Designers!
• Municipal planners! 

Who will be there?
Under one roof meet the industry's leading consultants and energy advisors: 
• Installers of renewable energy systems
• Manufacturer's representatives
• Technology consultants
• Designers of energy systems
• Engineers
• Architects
• Government Programs and Incentives experts

Attendees of Energy Solutions 2010 will leave:

• Learning cost comparisons of alternative energy systems over oil & electrical systems!
• Having the opportunity to meet independent energy consultants and installers who provide leading products and services!
• Knowing the government incentives & programs available!
• A bag full of Energy Solutions, Tips and Information!

 Energy Solutions for the!


World Trade & Convention Centre
 November 23rd, 2010
Halifax, Nova Scotia