2016 ACE - America’s Claims Event

ACETech Workshop will provide you the knowledge and access to vendors that will transform how you are working ... immediately

In an increasingly inter-connected world that demands utmost efficiency at all times, it is paramount for successful organizations in the insurance industry to keep up with and capitalize on technological advances across the globe. This is especially evident within claims management, where being a modern claims leader is more complex and challenging than ever before.

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Transform Your Job Improve Your Business Save Time & Money

Why You Cannot Afford to Miss ACETech Workshop
  • ACETech tackles the issues that impact your bottom line and affect customer satisfaction
  • Technology is changing at lightning speeds. Insurers who hesitate will be left behind by the competition. ACETech provides a look at the top cutting-edge technologies and allows you to easily compare the benefits.
  • ACETech is the place to discover what technology insurers are using – what works and what doesn’t, and how they’re implementing it in their companies
  • Cyber security impacts every company whether you’re an insurer or a client. Learn what dangers are on the horizon and how to mitigate these risks
  • Mobile apps are changing the face of insurance as policyholders become their own adjusters. See how to leverage this technology without losing touch with your customers while growing your bottom line
  • The Cloud and the Internet of Things are broad concepts. Attending ACETech will help put these concepts into real-life examples and show you how to leverage them to your advantage

Registration Requirements:

Preregistration is required.  The ACETech Workshop is designed specifically for Claims professionals and their Chief Information/Technology Officers, senior IT professionals from within insurance organizations.

Registration is limited to 80 people in order to get the maximum amount of networking and interaction.