2016 ACE - America’s Claims Event

ACE Speaker Interviews

An Interview with Eric Martinez of AIG Property and Casualty

What made you want to return to the ACE conference to speak again this year?

The ACE conference provides the rare occasion to share and network with a wide cross-section of our industry.  The industry changes so much every year and I am excited to present new information to the wonderful audience.

What are the biggest obstacles to an effective claims process?

The challenge to the industry is not the achievement of an effective claims process.  Rather, it is the pursuit of further effectiveness in the claims process.  Effectiveness in the claims process should not be defined as a singular, static end state.  Read more here.

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An Interview with Tim Felks of Farmers Insurance

What are the top challenges facing claims professionals today?

Claim Professionals today face challenges that we didn't see as few as 5 years ago. We've entered into an instantaneous society in which most things are a click or touch away, and our customers expect that kind of service and interaction when they have a claim. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations in this era is more challenging because today’s customer doesn't necessarily compare the claims experience from one insurance carrier to another, they compare their claims experience to their experience on Amazon, or booking an airline ticket online. We're not just competing with one another for a customer’s loyalty, we're competing with everyone in our connected society.

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An Interview with Martin Rosemann of Swiss Re

What 3 qualities should an effective claims professional have?

Relationship building skills, for sure. Claims Professionals should be able to build relationships with 1st party insureds or 3rd party claimants. A relationship is essential to understanding insured's/claimant's mind set and what is important to them. With such an understanding, the claim professional can more quickly and cost-effectively resolve a claim. Contrast that instead with the alternative - having no relationship, not knowing what is important to the insured/claimant, and simply guessing as to what drives their decision.

Communication skills are also important. A large segment of the population (Millennials) is more comfortable communicating via technology rather than face to face. An effective claims manager needs to be able to effectively communicate in a variety of ways depending on his or her audience.

Finally, Entrepreneurial Mind Set. Too often, claims professionals see themselves at the back end of the business and not at the front end. Whether it is improving the product or improving delivery of service, claim professionals need to entrepreneurial in approach instead of simply seeing their job as "just" handling claims.

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An Interview with Michael Lancashire of Main Street America

How do you see claims changing in the next 3-5 years?

Over the next five years, I expect additional analytics and technology to become bigger factors in the claim process, from first notice of loss, to claim assignment and through adjudication. This will, of course, lead to additional data entry during the adjustment process and will result in greater claim fragmentation, specialization and, more than likely, increased litigation.

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