IGS TC-Reinforcement Workshop: Research on Geosynthetic-Soil Interaction and Progress of Design Models for Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil

IGS TC-Reinforcement Workshop:
Research on Geosynthetic-Soil Interaction and Progress of Design Models for Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil

The International Geosynthetics Society has established technical committees (IGS TC) for the main technical topics related to the use of geosynthetics. These committees provide a platform for the exchange and improvement of knowledge and for increasing and passing along the experience of the field’s experts. A series of standalone workshops and symposia organized by these TCs has been planned on a biennial basis. The first workshop of the Technical Committee on Soil Reinforcement (TC-R) will be held just before the XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (XVI ECSMGE) in September 2015 in Edinburgh, UK.

The TC-R workshop focuses on the interface of geosynthetics and soil mechanics. High-level presentations will be enhanced by discussions concerning:

  • Actual research works that aim for a better understanding of the interaction of soil and geosynthetics. This will lead to an improved prediction of serviceability limit state and of the bearing capacity of geosynthetic-reinforced soil structures. These revelations will continue to improve the safety and cost-effectiveness of reinforced constructions while extending service lives.
  • The state of regulations for geosynthetic-reinforced slopes and retaining structures. The aim of this topic is mainly to get a step further in understanding various national approaches and help find suitable solutions for how regulations are being updated, such as Eurocode 7’s impending revision and inclusion, for the first time, of these geosynthetic-reinforced structures.
The IGS TC-Reinforcement workshop will be held Sunday, 13 September 2015, from 10:00 until 17:00 in the Sidlaw Room at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. This is the same venue at which XVI ECSMGE will take place.

There is a £40 registration fee for the TC-R Workshop to cover the affiliated catering cost; it is not a fee for attending the workshop itself. Registration must be made in advance so catering quantities can be correctly arranged. Only those pre-registered for the TC Reinforcement workshop, whether or not they are attending the full conference, will be given access to the workshop. Participants will receive downloads of the event slides after the session takes place.

A lively and fruitful day of discussion is certain, and we are excited to help further the field’s progress in this dynamic and in-demand segment of engineering. We look forward to gathering with geosynthetics, soil mechanics, and affiliated engineering community members at the TC-Reinforcement Workshop in Edinburgh.

Gerhard Bräu
Chair of IGS TC-R

13 September 2015

10:00 – 13:00
Geosynthetic-Soil Interaction

  • Lackner, Christian: Microscopic interaction effects of geogrid reinforced soil
  • Jacobs, Felix; Ziegler, Martin: Modeling geogrid pullout with an explicit interaction model
  • Moraci, Nicola: Pull-out testing and the related use in design of reinforced soil structures
  • Oliver, Tim; Jas, Hein: Understanding the mechanism of geogrid-soil mechanical stabilisation
  • Perkins, Steve: Influence of Design Variables on Layer Coefficient Ratio (LCR)
  • Vollmert, Lars; Weisemann, Ulrike; Perkins, Steve; Watn, Arnstein: “Magic effects“ on geogrid-reinforced soil explained by triaxial testing at low strains
  • Zornberg, Jorge; Peng, X.: Evaluation of soil-geogrid interaction using transparent soil
  • Black, Jonathan A.; Tatari, Alireza: Interaction behaviour of soil and geo-grid reinforcement in physical modelling
14:00 – 17:00
International Design Models for Reinforced Soil

  • Horgan, Graham: Design of geosynthetic reinforced slopes and walls in accordance with British standard BS 8006:2010
  • Bezuijen, Adam; van Eekelen, Suzanne: Reinforced structures, the Dutch design guideline and future work.
  • Naciri, Omar; Delmas, Philipp: Reinforced steep slopes and walls using Geosynthetics - National French Design Standards.
  • Bräu, Gerhard; Herold, Andreas: Experience with EBGEO for reinforced soil applications
  • Forsman, Juha; Koivisto, Kirsi: Finnish national design guidelines for georeinforcements following Eurocode - first experience with regard to the design of reinforced soil retaining walls
  • Cazzuffi, Daniele; Moraci, Nicola; Recalcati, Piergiorgio; Rimoldi, Pietro: Design of reinforced soil structures in static and seismic conditions according to Italian codes
  • Watanabe, Kenji: Development of Geosynthetics Reinforced-soil Structure for the Japan Railway.
  • Smith, Colin; Tatari, Alireza: Computational Limit Analysis and ULS Design of Reinforced Soil Systems