29th WUWM Congress in Campinas

29th WUWM Congress

Theme: The Environment and the Future of Wholesale Markets

Mr Evaristo Eduardo de Miranda, Researcher, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corp, Brazil
Born in Sao Paulo, Mr de Miranda graduated at the Institut Supérieur d ‘Agriculture Rhone Alpes, Lyon in France. He holds a Master and PhD in Ecology from the University of Montpellier, France, and has had 100 technical and scientific papers published in Brazil and abroad. Author of 30 books, he is a teacher-coach, accredited master’s from USP and UNICAMP, and is a member of the Board of the Science and Faith Institute. He was a consultant of the ONU at the World Conference on Environment, the Rio-92, and provides advice to FAPESP, FAO, UNESCO, Banco Mundial, OEA and others.
Mr de Miranda is a consultant of the Republic Presidency, of the Institutional Security Cabinet – GSI / PR, and advisor to the Chamber of Foreign Relations and National Defense – CREDEN and Economic Affairs Committee – Federal Senate CAE. He has been published in magazines and newspapers: National Geographic, Terra da Gente, A Tribuna, Jornal da Universidade, O Estado de São Paulo, and now leads Orbital Monitoring of Works of the PAC and its impacts and Monitoring of Critical Agroenergy Infrastructure near the Republic Presidency. Among the awards and honours received: the Order of Rio Branco, the Order of Military Merit, the award in April of Journalism, the Medal of the Peacemaker Award and Newton Freire-Maia.

Moderator: Mr Manuel Estrada, WUWM Chairman & International Department Chief, Mercasa, Spain
Mr Estrada has represented MERCASA in the WUWM since 2001, becoming a member of the WUWM Board of Directors in 2007 - being elected Chairman in May 2013. Before joining MERCASA he worked in Deloitte (Madrid), in the Moscow representation of the Spanish Foreign Bank (Banco Exterior), and in a German legal consulting company in Karlsruhe. Manuel Estrada has a degree in Law and post-graduate studies in business legalities & tax. He works at the Spanish State Company of Wholesale Markets (MERCASA) since 1995, having been engaged in different areas that include: the Legal Department, Wholesale Market Management Department and, since 2004, the International Department. During this time he has developed technical assistance projects for wholesale and retail markets in a number of countries, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Argelia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Angola, Russia, Georgia and The Netherlands, among others. His main area of specialization is in the organization of markets from an institutional, legal and operational viewpoint. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Barcelona, Granada and Tenerife markets in the MERCASA network
Mr Mauricio Parra, General Manager, Corabastos, Colombia
Mauricio Parra Parra studied veterinary medicine at La Salle University in Bogotá, Colombia. He has a Masters in Direction and Management of Social Security Systems and Rural Development. Since 2013 he is the President of the Colombian national wholesale market network. Prior to that he was Regional Director at SENA in Casanare and Antioquia, an agency that provides companies and corporations with skilled manpower using modern methods, thereby achieving a shift in each of the productivity processes. He was also Deputy Director, Health Director, and Executive Director at the Colombian Agricultural Institute, and was Coordinator of Veterinary Medicine for the First Lady's office.
Mr Julio Cesar Chavez Serna, General Manager, Mexico City Wholesale Market, Mexico
Mr Julio Cesar Chavez Serna has a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Iberoamericana and currently is finalising a Master degree in Public Administration for the National Institute of Public Administration, AC (INAP). He joined the public service in 1981 and worked at the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH), the Institute of Security and Social Services Service (ISSSTE) and the Attorney General of the Federal District, where he served as senior officer. In his actual role as Coordinator and General Manager of CEDA - the wholesale market of the City of Mexico, he has two main objectives: modernization and commercial revitalization, to promote the market to the thousands of consumers and traders. The market, after 33 years of operation, remains in force providing service to 20 million people in the metropolitan area of Mexico City. 
Mr Carlos Colacce Molinari, President, Montevideo Wholesale Market, Uruguay
Mr Carlos Colacce Molinari is a civil engineer. He is a consultant on various projects of structural, civil environmental and hydraulics engineering. Mr Colacce has combined this activity with teaching grade 4 (since 2009) in the Institute of Structures of the Faculty of Engineering at the Montevideo University. Some of his previous roles have been Manager Engineer in the Urban Sanitation Execution Unit of the Municipality of Montevideo; Manager of the Health Urban Sanitation Execution Unit of the Municipality of Montevideo; Chairman of the state enterprise Urban Sanitation (OSE); Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and Environment. Currently he works as President of the wholesale market of Montevideo and the Director of Vial Corporation of Uruguay.
Mr Jose Antonio Luna Bazo, General Manager, Municipal Markets Company SA (EMMSA), Peru
Jose Antonio Luna Bazo is a Sociologist from the Pontifical University of Peru, with a Masters in Governance and Organizational Development from the University Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. He is a social communication professional and he is registered as a journalist in the Journalist Association of Lima. Mr Luna Bazo is also UNESCO's correspondent in Peru.
Prior to EMMSA he was Director and founder of a consulting company called “Sinergias”, specialised in social conflict management. During 2005-2010 he was an EMMSA board member and has also been Secretary General of the National Agricultural Research Institute and the Ministry of Energy and Mines. Mr Luna Bazo has also been a board member of the management committee of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Integration, among others.

Moderator: Prof Walter Belik, Campinas University, Brazil
Walter Belik is a Professor of Economics at UNICAMP - University of Campinas in São Paulo, Brazil. He has Ph.D. and M.S. in Agriculture Economics, B.A. in Business Administration, developing studies on agroprocessing for food and bioenergy. Prof Belik was Visiting Fellow in ILAS, University College, London, in 1993, in the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of California, Berkeley, in 2003 and Guest Lecturer at University of Kassel, Germany, from 2014. He was Coordinator of Center for Studies and Research on Food (NEPA) at UNICAMP, Brazil, for five years. During this period, NEPA developed the first official national food nutritional composition table of Brazil. He was one of the coordinators of Zero Hunger Project, a wide academic research that turned into public policy in Brazil from 2003. During the period 2003-07 he was member of the National Council for Food Security and Nutrition. Also, Zero Hunger was the inspiration for the Initiative Latin America and Caribbean without Hunger, project based on FAO regional office (Santiago, Chile), which was coordinated by him from 2007. In the academic field, Prof Belik has published more than 200 national and international articles, books, chapters and short texts. Since 2013 he is member of High Level Panel of Experts from the Committee on World Food Security. As volunteer, he is Director of Confucius Institute at Unicamp (China Academic and Cultural Center) and is still member of the council of “Prato Cheio” Food Bank in Sao Paulo.
Mr Paulo Jobin Filho, CEO, Rio de Janeiro Market (CEASA/RJ), Brazil
Mr Paulo Jobin Filho holds a Master of Science from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ). He has also completed a Course of Economics in Brasilia and the Officer Training Course of the Navy in Rio de Janeiro.
Prior to his actual role as a CEO of the Rio de Janeiro Wholesale Market he held the following positions: Municipal Secretary of Administration of the Municipality of the City of Rio de Janeiro; external consultant in the areas of strategic planning, modernization and institutional strengthening, management systems and applied informatics for public management (2003 to 2008); Minister of Labour and Employment (April 2002 to December 2002). Mr Jobin Filho was also an assistant professor at the University of Brasilia in Computer Science Department (1976-2004).
Mr Dominique Batani, Director, Rungis Market, France
Dominique Batani finished his military career as Brigadier General, in charge of Human Resources of the French Army, and in 2011 became Director of Rungis Market. Mr Batani is responsible for the organisation and operations of the market, as well as infrastructural management and safety. He is a Member of the strategic committee and executive committee of Semmaris (the management body of Rungis), and leads the operational pole of the company working with more than 150 staff to realize his missions. Mr Batani is also the Human Resources Director of Semmaris Company, a SME of 230 staff.
Mr Andrés de Pando, International Director, Mercasa, Spain
Mr de Pando has a Bachelor degree in Law and a Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration - ICADE (E-3) from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. He is a Masters Graduate in Senior Management at IESE, University of Navarra. His career has been in the field of business consulting in the areas of public administration, health, and economic and urban development, working in such diverse companies such as Arthur Andersen, Andersen Consulting, Ernst & Young, Navision Software Spain, SL and Microsoft. Since March 2012, he is the International Director of Mercasa, responsible for its consulting services abroad, and the receipt of missions and international delegations visiting the Mercasa 23 wholesale market network. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Food Units of Mercamadrid, Mercalaspalmas and Mercatenerife being Vice President of the latter two, and is Counselor in the Mercasa-Incatema Consortium, responsible for developments in Angola and the Dominican Republic.

Moderator: Professor José Luiz Tejon, ESPM, Brazil
Mr Jose Luiz Tejon Megiddo has a Master of Arts and Culture from Mackenzie University, and has a PhD in Pedagogy from the Universidad de la Empresa, Uruguay. He is guest professor at the University of Nantes in France (Master of Management Science), Post-Graduate Academic Coordinator and Coordinator of the Agribusiness Center School of Advertising and Marketing - ESPM/SP. He is a journalist, publicist, guest radio speaker for Radio Jovem Pan, writer and speaker. He is an author and co-author of 32 books, including some best sellers. He is a well-known international speaker and two of his books have already been published in Europe. Mr Tejon is considered a leading authority in the fields of sales management, marketing in agribusiness, leadership, and motivational speeches.

Ms Elizabeth Banthen, Chair, Maryland Food Center Authority (MFCA), USA
Elizabeth Banthem has been a Board Member of the Maryland Food Center Authority (MFCA) since 1996. In 2005 she was appointed Chairman of the Board and proudly serves in this position until present day.
In 1986 Ms Banthem became actively involved in her family’s supermarket business and in 2005 she became CEO of the company. In 1996 she was elected on to the Board of Directors of Associated Wholesaler’s Incorporated (AWI), a regional food cooperative wholesaler. She held that position until 2014 when AWI was sold. Ms Banthem earned an undergraduate degree in Natural Science, followed by her Master’s degrees in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology, from the Johns Hopkins University. She also has an MBA from the Loyola College of Maryland. Ms Banthem has been active in WUWM since 2000.
Mr Fabrizio Venturini, Head of Corporate Communications, CAR Scpa, Rome, Italy
For 25 years Mr Venturini has been a prominent newspaper business journalist in Rome with work experience in all fields of communication (press, radio, TV, internet, advertising, corporate, P.R., books, music critique, etc).
In 2004 he was hired by Car Scpa as Head of Corporate Communications, Press and International Relations. Car is the holding firm which owns and manages Centro Agroalimentare Roma (Rome agrifood wholesale market), for whose benefit he has created two web sites, the company magazine, the e-commerce project “Il CAR-rello della spesa”, the trade marketing project “Dove il prezzo tiene banco”, along with the daily management of all CAR advertising, press conferences, media releases, and production of the company’s promotional materials, etc. He promoted the CAR quality trade mark “Cuor di Car” and has organized many business missions abroad, concluding an MoU between Car Scpa and the Port Authority of Civitavecchia - the first of its kind in Italy.
Mr Timo Taulavuori, Managing Director, City of Helsinki Wholesale Market, Finland
Timo Taulavuori graduated with an M.Sc from the University of Helsinki faculty of Agriculture in 1990. His main interests have been marketing and the production of horticultural crops. After his studies he worked as a product specialist of imported fruits and as an advisor for greenhouse growers. In 1999 he became CEO of the Association of Finnish Horticultural Products, enhancing the quality of products and promoting the consumption of F&V in Finland – creating the Finnish Half a Kilo a Day F&V Campaign. In 1995 he became CEO of the Wholesale Market of the City of Helsinki and is active in developing the wholesale area, as well as enhancing the food culture in Finland. Since 2011 he has also been responsible for developing activities at the retail markets in three historical market halls in Helsinki.
Mr Carlos Eduardo Feoli, General Manager, Programa integral de Mercadeo Agropecuario (PIMA), Costa Rica
Mr Feoli is an Agronomist and Agricultural Economist. He has been a consultant in commercialisation and exports for the "National Production Council" of Costa Rica. He was also the Director of the Commercial Office of agricultural exports in Miami, USA, where negotiations were held with several wholesale markets. In the Costa Rican Embassy in Mexico, he was Counsellor and Commercial Attaché to implement the Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, with Mexico. Previously he was also Regional Director in the Office of Costa Rica in California, USA, in charge of increasing investment in the agribusiness industry in Costa Rica.

Moderator: Mr Roberto Alonso, WUWM Retail Vice-Chair, Market Consultant, Spain
Roberto Alonso Gordón has a Degree in Law from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, and an MBA from the "Instituto de Empresa" (I.E. Madrid). He worked over 24 years (1991-2014) for MERCASA, having been Director of the Retail Market Department from 1996-2012, where he directed and monitored over 200 traditional retail market refurbishment/ modernization projects both in Spain and abroad; and from 2012-2014 as Chief of the Department of Technical Studies. He has been member of the Board of several Spanish wholesale markets. Since September 2014, Mr Alonso runs his own consulting company: Roberto Alonso Consultores, which operates both nationally and internationally in the field of food distribution, wholesale and retail, and food marketing. He has also worked on various projects for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and has published a number of scientific articles about commercial distribution topics and retail markets. Since 2006 he is Vice-Chairman of the Retail Section of WUWM and, since 2011, a member of the Academic Leaders Programme of the Institute of Technology and Higher Studies of Monterrey (Campus Guadalajara, Jalisco, México).
Mr Gonzalo Bravo Baltra, Director and General Manager, Lo Valledor Market, Chile
Mr Bravo Baltra comes from a well-known family of farmers in the country and has been linked to the agriculture sector from his youth. A known producer of citrus and peach in the area, he has promoted the development and commercialisation of small and medium-scale agriculture in all regions of Chile. During his role as a Director of Lo Valledor Market, Gonzalo has promoted his vision on the process of commercialisation chain for small and medium agriculture, conducting lectures and providing important contributions to agricultural governmental bodies, contributing to the promotion of fruits and vegetables for healthy eating.
Besides his work in the market, Mr Bravo Baltra also holds the following positions: INIA Director, National Agricultural Research Institute under the Ministry of Agriculture agency, since 2013, Founder Director of “5 a Day” since 2006, Member of the Regional Bureau Agro, an agency under the Ministry of Agriculture, whose function is to advise and study development projects and commercialization of national agriculture, since 2010 and Advisor for the National Society of Agriculture, SNA, 2015.
Mr Artur Saabor, Advisor, Brazilian Institute for Economic and Social Development - IBRADEC / OSCIP, Brazil
Mr Saabor has a degree in Agronomy from the Agricultural School of Lavras, Brazil and has an MBA in Marketing and Agricultural Financing from Getulio Vargas Foundation. He has postgraduate studies in International Market Horticultural products from the Technical University of Hannover, Germany.
He is part of a panel of advisors for the Brazilian Institute for Economic and Social Development - IBRADEC / OSCIP. Previously Mr Saabor was Secretary of Production and Agro-Energy - SPAE / MAP. His role consisted of strategic planning and management of the sugar and coffee sectors. He also has been an specialist in Agricultural Economics from the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture -IICA / OAS; researcher at FBB / BB / IICA; international consultant for International Finance Corporation IFC; advisor for the Presidency and the Directorate of Settlement INCRA; technical specialist for the National Company for of Wholesale Markets (Today Conab) among others. He also has several publications about systems of management and commercialisation for the agricultural sector. 
Mr Roberto Alonso, WUWM Retail Vice-Chair, Market Consultant, Spain (see profile above)