The 3rd Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology


Call for Proposals Extended Until Feb 1st Midnight! 

Seeking FRENCH submissions!

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We thank all speakers that submitted. All propsal are currently under review. We invite all those interested in attending the Conference to please register at Exhilarate 2016: Learn It, Live It!

The conference, being held at the beautiful White Oaks Resort & Spa in Niagara-on-the-Lake on June 16th & 17th (with pre-conference workshops on June 15th), is the premier event for positive psychology in Canada. The conference will feature individual sessions, workshops, and posters, extensive networking opportunities, and world-class keynote and pre-conference speakers including Barbara Fredrickson, David Cooperrider, Kim Cameron, Lea Waters and Caroline Miller. Our additional pre-conference will feature a full day session with Ryan Niemiec and sessions with Shannon Polly, Margarita Tarragona, Maureen McKenna, Emiliya Zhivotovskaya and Heidi Bornstein.

The 2016 Conference proposals reflect the most recent work on positive psychology in all its forms and applications. The committee particularly welcomed proposals that discuss:
  • the latest theoretical developments in positive psychology
  • cutting edge empirical studies on topics related to positive psychology, and
  • effective applications of positive psychology in professional practice

The conference will include English and French sessions.

The conference will feature research and practice in the following streams:

  • Education
  • Health/Clinical
  • Work/Organizations
  • General Well-Being
  • Coaching


Symposia are 60-minute presentations by 3-5 individuals who address a common theme or topic in positive psychology. 

Ten minutes should be reserved for questions from the audience. Symposium submissions should include a 250/300-word general abstract. In the abstract, you will be asked to include references to scholarly articles that support your talk, as our organization emphasizes rigorous research and evidence-based practice. Submissions should also include a 250/300-word abstract for each symposium presenter as well as a 100-word biography with a brief summary of the presenter's education and work experience.   

Please Note: Only the principal presenter is required to make the symposium submission but all co-presenters must be listed on the submission form including their abstracts and biographies.

Individual Sessions

Submissions should include a 100-word biography with a brief summary of the presenter's education and work experience, a 300-word abstract, and an indication of which conference themes apply directly to the paper. Your talk should be no longer than 20 minutes which should include 5 minutes for questions.

Please Note: if your submission is accepted, the conference team will group the individual presentations together into sessions with two other speakersYou will be notified in advance and have an opportunity to coordinate with other presenters before the conference if you wish. If an abstract is not accepted for presentation, it is automatically reviewed for poster presentation.



Workshops are 60-minute, dynamic and interactive sessions that focus on either a specific positive psychology intervention, method of practice or assessment. Workshop submissions should include a 100-word biography of the workshop leader(s), 

a 250/300-word abstract, and an indication of the general topic to assist the conference team in choosing an appropriately diverse set of topics. Proposals for applied workshops that are not reporting original research should include at least three citations of empirical research the workshop is based on. Workshop leaders are also required to provide two references that can attest to the workshop leader’s effective delivery. 


Posters will be displayed on 4ft x 3ft (121cm x 91cm) poster boards.

Poster submissions should include a 100-word biography and a 250/300-word abstract.

3e Congrès biennal canadien de psychologie positive


White Oaks Resort & Spa,

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada,

15-17 juin 2016


Appel de propositions

Le comité organisateur du congrès de l’Association canadienne de psychologie positive lance un appel de propositions pour le 3e Congrès biennal canadien de psychologie positive. Le thème du congrès est Exaltation 2016 : Apprendre pour vivre pleinement!

Le congrès, qui se tiendra au magnifique White Oaks Resort & Spa à Niagara-on-the-Lake les 16 et 17 juin 2016 (ateliers pré-congrès le 15 juin), constitue l’événement le plus important en psychologie positive au Canada. Le congrès offrira des sessions individuelles, des ateliers, des présentations d’affiches, de même que de multiples occasions de réseautage et la possibilité d’entendre plusieurs conférenciers de renommée internationale : Barbara Fredrickson, David Cooperrider, Kim Cameron, Lea Waters et Caroline Miller. Les participants au pré-congrès auront également la chance de participer à une séance d’une journée avec Ryan Niemiec.

Le comité organisateur du congrès 2016 accueille les propositions de communications qui mettent de l’avant les plus récents travaux en psychologie positive, sous toutes ses formes et applications. Un intérêt particulier sera accordé aux propositions qui présentent :

  • les développements théoriques nouveaux en psychologie positive;
  • des résultats empiriques de pointe liés à la psychologie positive;
  • des applications efficaces de la psychologie positive dans les pratiques professionnelles.

Le congrès présentera des recherches et des applications pratiques dans les volets suivants :

  • Éducation
  • Santé/Clinique
  • Travail /Organisations
  • Bien-être
  • Interventions/Applications

Les propositions doivent être soumises en cliquant sur le lien suivant : CLICK HERE

Date limite

Les personnes souhaitant soumettre une proposition ont jusqu’au 01 Février 2016 pour le faire.