4th ICCA Latin America Meeting & 9th Client/Supplier Business Workshop

Message from the authorities of the Latin American and Caribbean Chapter of ICCA


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

With great expectation we invite you to register to participate in our 4th ICCA Latin American Meeting, to be held in the wonderful city of Natal this September. 

Continuing with the challenge of making our own meeting and given the results of the first meeting in Medellín to the second in Montevideo, and the high level of education at the 3rd edition held in Viña del Mar and Santiago de Chile the 4th edition will not be the exception and we try to achieve to meet your expectations.

Members who are part of the education committee, developed a great academic program. With a new challenging format according to the high level that our industry is achieving in the world. Workshops, conferences and courses specially designed for you. 

Moreover, we expect between 12 and 16 hosted buyers to attend the 9th Client / Supplier Workshop. So this will be an excellent opportunity to capture conferences and events for each partner.
In this fourth meeting, we will consolidate our work as a region, together we will increase our international position. THEREFORE we invite everyone to not miss this opportunity to  actively participate.
See you in Brazil!

Alexandra Torres 
ICCA Latin American and Caribbean Chapter

Mauricio Macedo 
Deputy Chair
ICCA Latin American and Caribbean Chapter

Feel the experience at our last edition!