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Sr.Engineering Program Manager
Symantec Corporation

Being outdoorsy, indulging in adventures, travelling and dance are things that make me - well me! I'm Archana - I work as a Sr.Engineering Program Manager at Symantec. Wore different hats in the industry as a developer, tester and now a PGM. I love my job and how I can be the liason and the bridge between Product Management and Engineering. People interaction and help translate the requirements into engineering code and vice versa get's me very excited. When I'm not working, you will find me volunteering at many a places - One of them being "Tutoring homeless children" or cooking or may be at the gym. I'm from India originally and have been very blessed to have had all the support through my education,career and in personal life but I want to help, reach out and build a community with millions of other women all around the world who have great potential and aptitude to help the industries grow.