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Student Opportunity Lab

October 21, 2016
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Hall A3

Track: Career
Type: Student Opportunity Lab
Level: Students/Early Career

The Student Opportunity Lab (SOL) is an interactive session where attendees can seek personalized advice. SOL is a wonderful opportunity to present more content in an interactive forum. The room will be set up with several round tables of 10. Speakers will stay stationary and discuss their topic. Attendees will rotate tables each 20 minutes. Our focus is on students and providing practical techniques/tools to help them achieve their career goals.

SOL Sessions and Speakers

Title: CRA-W: How to Successfully Apply to Graduate School?
Speaker: Andrea Danyluk

Title: CRA-W: How to Be Successful Post-Bachelor’s?
Speaker: Valerie Barr

Title: CRA-W: What is Computing Research? How Can Undergraduates Participate?
Speaker: Jeannie Albrecht

Title: CRA-W: What is Computing Research? How Can Undergraduates Participate?
Speaker: Maria Gini

Title: CRA-W: How to Successfully Apply to Graduate School?
Speaker: Dilma Da Silva

Title: CRA-W: How to Successfully Apply to Graduate School?
Speaker: Sunita Chandrasekaran

Title: CRA-W: Master’s or Ph.D.?
Speaker: Bushra Anjum

Title: CRA-W: Master’s or Ph.D.?
Speaker: Mary Anne Egan

Title: CRA-W: Is Graduate School for You?
Speaker: Julia Hirschberg

Title: CRA-W: Research Careers – What Are the Options? How Do I Get There?
Speaker: Rita Wouhaybi

Title: Interviewing the Company
Speaker: Rachel Bobbins

Title: Mentorship Throughout Your Career
Speaker: Amber Crawford

Title: Building Your Dev Cred
Speaker: Leah McGowen-Hare

Title: How Your Skills Can Help Build the Diverse Tech Workforce of Tomorrow
Speaker: Nikki Lasley

Title: Careers in Data Protection Industry
Speakers: Tanuja Korlepra, Jaya Korlepara

Title: Avoiding Career Traffic: A Roadmap to Success in a Large Company
Speaker: Diana Raz

Title: Code: Friend or Foe?
Speakers: Nitika Aggarwal, Roshni Datta

Title: The First Year: Chronicle of a Back-end Software Engineer
Speaker: Maimuna Lubega

Title: Hack for Fun and Profit... and Ethics: the Why, What and How
Speaker: Yasmine Kandissounon

Title: Writing Your First Paper: From Code to Research
Speaker: Kara Greenfield

Title: Student Opportunity Lab: Going Mobile!
Speakers: Helen Kuo, Seema Arayarakavil

Title: A Day in the Life of a User Researcher
Speaker: Lajja Mehta

Title: Impact is Everything
Speaker: Sarah Graham Bolin

Title: To Thine Own Self Be True: Matching Where You Work to Who You Are
Speaker: Liz Hill

Title: The Ins and Outs of Data Community: A Definitive Guide on Careers in Data
Speakers: Leah Zhao, Yao Morin

Title: Technical Writing and ERP Software - Merging them for an Interesting Career
Speaker: Bhagyashree Duwarah

Title: Code: The secret behind awesome UX designers
Speakers: Jessica Cho, Elina Kim

Title: Talking About Your Best Self: Speaking Highly of Your Own Work and Accomplishments
Speakers: Margaret Thompson, Harini Gunabalan

Title: Thriving in the Hardware Industry as a Software Expert
Speakers: Ana Rios-Rodriguez, Reena Singhal

Title: Identifying an inclusive culture: Finding companies to maximize your success
Speaker: Amanda Merriweather

Title: Coming Out of the Code - Tech Careers Outside of Development
Speakers: Anita Pall, Cela Smith

Title: Creative Problem Solving For Video Games
Speaker: Gracie Arenas Strittmatter

Title: Is an MBA Worth It?
Speaker: Kate Hanpachern

Title: Careers in IP Law
Speakers: Julie Akhter, Bailey Harris

Title: Orderly Chaos, Day in Life of a Technical Program Manager
Speaker: Sophia Xiao

Title: Money, Travel, and Flexibility – Technical Sales as a Career
Speaker: Lynn Gates

Title: New Grad Tips for Excelling in Software Engineering
Speaker: Jackie Chen

Title: Cultural values and their impact at work
Speakers: Veena Kannan, Liz Haring

Title: #HPCMatters: Understanding the Hype of High Performance Computing
Speakers: Kathleen Shoga, Stephanie Labasan

Title: A Discussion on Workplace Bullying and Conflict Resolution
Speakers: Sydney Siegmeth, Therasa Cha

Title: What is a National Laboratory? The Who, How, When, and Why of a National Laboratory Internship/Postdoc Experience as a Career Path Choice
Speakers: Carolyn Connor, Erin Quinn

Title: Developer, Designer, Product Manager: Which Is for You?
Speaker: Tina Nguyen

Title: The Life of a PM: Cat Herder Extraordinaire
Speakers: Annie Peabody, Joelle Faught

Title: A Day in the Life of a Health IT CTO
Speaker: Amelia Hough-Ross

Title: Technical Consulting 101: Who, What, How, and Why Me?
Speaker: Moriah Baxevane-Connell

Title: The Magic of Software Testers
Speaker: Jill Stroze

Title: Find your passion and be that difference at a Tech company
Speaker: archana bhattaram

Title: Testing as an Exciting Career Path
Speaker: Abigail Bangser

Title: Early Career Toolkit – An Engineer’s Guide Through Her First Year in Industry
Speaker: Doreen Hakimi

Title: Tech Writing: The Hidden Career Path (Or, What You Should Do If You Want to Learn ALL THE THINGS)
Speakers: Emily Zinsitz, Samantha O'Dell

Title: A Day in the Life of a User Experience Designer
Speaker: Shannon Selissen

Title: Hacking the Scrum
Speaker: Alexandra Nassar

Title: Convert your Internship to a Full Time Job
Speakers: Jyotsna Magani, Sona Maniyan

Title: Student Opportunity Lab: 
Computational Molecular Biophysics – Design Your Future
Speakers: Deanne Sammond, Chris Bystroff

Title: Race against troubleshooting: Predictive Maintenance in backup and recovery
Speaker: Dhanashri Phadke

Title: A World of Opportunity in Technical Operations
Speaker: Bertha Stanfill

Title: The Techno-Functional Sweet Spot: Choosing a Technical Business Role or a Business Oriented Technical Role
Speakers: Leena Sampemane, Pallavi Ponnuru

Title: HR: Ally not Adversary
Speaker: Natalia Avalos

Title: Building a Compelling User Experience Portfolio
Speaker: Cindy Wang

Title: Careers in Cybersecurity
Speaker: Alka Gupta

Title: Tech and Education: Merging Your Passions into One Amazing Career
Speaker: Kasey Champion

Title: But I’m a Creator/Inventor/Coder, Not a Lawyer: What to Know about Intellectual Property Law, Contracts and More
Speakers: Sara Anne Hook, Cori Faklaris

Title: How to Interview a Prospective Employer
Speakers: Irina Krechmer, Stacy Gorelik

Title: Leverage Your Way to Engineering Excellence Using Automated Testing
Speakers: Liat Borenshtain, Shoham Krigsman-Ezra

Title: Life of PIE (Product Information Engineer)
Speakers: Vino Gandhi Muthukrishnan, Benu Bina Banik

Title: How to Prepare for Your First Technical Interview
Speaker: Sukhdeep Sidhu

Title: Taking the Leap: Transitioning from Technical to Business Careers
Speakers: Nithya Lakshmanan, Anisha Bhatia

Title: LGBTQ in Tech: Navigating and Queering Computer Science
Speaker: Yael Kaufman