Rules of Entry

The awards are open to any UK-based claims department or section of an FCA-authorised insurer, Lloyd's syndicate, broker with significant delegated claims authority, public authority claims department or self-insured corporate. All categories are open to those from operations and technical areas.
Entries in some categories are also open to MGAs, service providers, loss adjusters, industry partners and law firms.
Carefully read through the category entry criteria to ensure that you are entering the most appropriate category.
Some categories are open to individuals, others to departments/teams. You many enter more than one project, programme or individual into a category, but you must clarify precisely who or what part of the company is being nominated.
Covering statement and evidence
Entries can refer to supporting material (see below) that has been included, but remember to keep to a simple formula of statement first, background second.
Entries MUST include a clear statement of objectives and targets, supported by evidence that these targets were reached. If targets are to externally set standards, these should be stated with an indication of how achievement has been evaluated/measured. In other categories, business growth may be the target. Again, this should be clarified and the achievement/s demonstrated in measurable terms.
When entering 'of the year' categories, please note that judges will be looking to reward recent success and will therefore expect to see evidence relating to achievement/s between January 2017 and end of February 2019.The project/initiative/solution itself does not necessarily need to be ‘new’ or ‘recent’, but the achievements outlined within the entry must fall within these dates.
All information contained in the entries and marked confidential will remain so, and will not be released without the permission of the entrant.
All entries must be made using the official online entry system. Supplementary information including charts, graphs, photos and info-boxes must be included as supporting material and NOT on the entry form.
Supporting material
When preparing any background material and supporting evidence, it is quality and relevance that matter, not quantity. Therefore, a maximum of three supporting attachments can be included.
Research documents, customer brochures, staff newsletters all help to demonstrate to the judges, in a practical way, what the entrant has achieved and should be included where relevant.
The judges may also review relevant websites, so full address and access codes (if applicable) should be provided.
Your entry must avoid including superfluous documents as this may damage your submission rather than supporting it.
Stage Two Judging
If your entry is shortlisted you (or a representative on your behalf) must be available to present the entry to our judges on Wednesday, 1st May at our offices in London. Judges reserve the right to reject your entry if you are unable to attend.