2020 Carsharing Conference
Call for Research Papers & Presentations - Overview

CSA Carsharing Association (CSA) announces its call for presentations for the 2020 International conference. We are looking for two types of presentations.

  1. Call for Presentations
  2. Call for Research Presentations

You are invited to submit an abstract to provide industry stakeholders with insight data to help inform strategy and policy to future-proof the sector relating to the synopsis below.

These sessions will be targeted to carshare operators, municipal planners, policy makers and politicians, transit authorities and suppliers.


The three key themes that CSA will be exploring at the Conference are: Shifting Mobility, Driving Change and Accelerating Impact as they relate to carsharing. We are looking for speakers to address the synopsis below and challenge convention, by sparking dialogue, debate and collaboration.

Date and location: May 28-29, 2020, Vancouver Canada

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With emerging technology, a plethora of new mobility entrants, and a growing list of social, economic and environmental issues related to personal vehicle ownership, we’ve reached a critical tipping point where policy set today will be foundational for the health of the industry and our communities tomorrow.

Two-way (round trip) and one-way (free floating) carsharing is 100 % aligned with the priorities of most cities around the world.

Carsharing organizations contribute to:

●    TDM: transportation demand management and reducing congestion
●    Affordability and social equity
●    Healthier communities
●    Climate change – reduction of GHGs and more active citizens.

While carsharing is proven to reduce vehicle kilometres travelled and personal car ownership –particularly when used to complement public transit and other sustainable modes of transportation – cities and citizens have been slower to adapt. The CSA is looking for industry experts to share data, insights and case studies about the barriers to, and opportunities for, more rapid growth which will take carsharing to the next level worldwide.

The CSA conference in Vancouver provides a forum for mobility stakeholders and advocates from around the world to gather, discuss, and learn. It will equip carsharing organizations and industry peers with an actionable toolkit of data, strategies, practical operating solutions and case studies to optimize their growth and strengthen the role of carsharing in the next era of mobility.

Website: http://conference.carsharing.org

Why Present
●    Showcase your ideas, case studies and innovations.
●    Collaborate with experts in the field
●    Help shape the future of carsharing and mobility
●    Receive travel to the conference, registration and accommodation.

Submission Guidelines:
●    Deadline for abstract: March 15th, 2020
●    Word limit: 500
●    Please include a short bio, an overview of your presentation, along with key audience learnings
●    All submissions received will be acknowledged by email
●    Presentations will be reviewed for relevance and purpose to provide a balanced program
●    If you are chosen you will be sent a notice of acceptance by 5pm EST, March 30th, 2020.
●    Your full paper will be required by April 17th
●    Your presentation will be required by May 9th
●    The CSA reserves the right to make changes to proposed presentation titles and descriptions, and to encourage joint presentations or panels if multiple proposals are submitted on similar topics

For questions about submissions, please contact Pam Cooley at pmcooley@pamcooley.ca.