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ACGM Workshop Proposal Submission Website

Mission Statement:

To celebrate and collaborate in Colorado! We envision a time of celebrating our work, connecting in a peaceful mountain setting, and collaborating in quiet spaces with diverse workshops, panels, exchanges, and speeches.

The ACGM will be held at the University of Colorado, Boulder on June 25 - 28, 2020
Have a great idea for a workshop or an activity to start the day? The 2020 ACGM Programming Committee is now accepting workshop proposals! Workshop proposals are due by December 2, 2019.

To start the process, click on the "Login" tab on the blue bar below the ACGM logo to create your credentials (Note: you must create new credentials every year; you cannot use your credentials from previous years). After you create your credentials, proceed to the "My Profile" tab to generate your profile, and finally click on the "Submission" tab to add your proposal submission.