1. 'Selling' is not permitted. This contest is meant to showcase innovations that are widely applicable, or highly beneficial to supply chain, and educate supply chain professionals. Submissions that appear to 'sell' a product or company, or are otherwise viewed as marketing material rather than a showcase of the innovation itself will not be considered.
  2. Innovations submitted by 3PLs, consultants, other service and solution providers, or academics must be able to present some tangible business impacts/results from actual client implementation(s). Submissions from such parties that are able to bring a 'named' client to the judging and presentation will receive special consideration.
  3. Submissions for the initial stage should be presented as a short (1750 word max) case study (Problem/Challenge, Solution/Action, Results). Later stages will involve a virtual presentation to the judging committee an on-site presentation at EDGE 2021.
    • This award requires your team to deliver the same presentation twice. The first is virtually in August (solely presented to the SCIA Committee). The same speakers must deliver the same presentation live and in-person at EDGE in September.
  4. Submissions may be from a single company (e.g., manufacturer or retailer) or a combination of companies that collaborated on creating the innovation.
  5. The focus should be on "innovation in action". Situations represented in the case study must demonstrate excellence, innovation, and return on investment in addressing a significant supply chain challenge. Examples include though are not limited to the following:
    • Developing new approaches, processes, or technologies that improve supply chain performance
    • Coordinating business functions across the supply chain
    • Collaborating with supply chain partners
    • Developing mutually beneficial ways to strengthen supply chain relationships
    • Synchronizing supply and demand
    • Managing supply chain cycles
  6. CSCMP MEMBERSHIP. Participating in the Supply Chain Innovation Award (SCIA) competition is a member-only benefit.
    • The submitter of this application must be a member upon submission.
    • Participating authors/presenters must be CSCMP members and registered for EDGE by mid-August.
    • All membership types except Basic membership are welcome to apply. Questions regarding your membership? Contact: +1 630.574.0985
  7. Obtain company/organizational approval/commitment for case author(s) to participate in the SCIA competition and to release the case study to CSCMP.
    • Obtain approval and sign off to submit the case into the SCIA competition.
    • Obtain necessary approval for each team member/author to participate/present in later stages (virtual presentation and EDGE 2021) if the team's case is selected as a finalist.
  8. Ensure proposed case study meets the following criteria:
    • Presents an effective innovative solution
    • Educational, not promotion towards a product, service, or organization
    • Significant to the specific supply chain challenge and/or solution
    • Significant impact on the organization's overall supply chain
    • Quantifiable and sustainable results that yield cost savings, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction
    • Practical information that would be beneficial and relevant to today’s supply chain practitioner
    • Structure and content: Organization/clarity, quality/usefulness of visuals, team's knowledge of subject matter
  9. To be considered as a SCIA submission, the required fields of the application must be completed in full by the extension deadline of April 1, 2021 at 11pm CST.