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HRCI - Business/Strategic Credits

Business Credits are earned by SPHR® and SPHRi™ certification holders who complete programs or activities that enhance their knowledge of their organization’s operations and its industry.
The types of activities that qualify for business credits are those that fall outside of HR’s primary responsibility, but require HR to work with other departments. They support the certified professional’s knowledge of the business, such as finance, marketing, and specific organizational operations.The responsibilities in the “Business Management and Strategy” functional area in the SPHR Exam Content Outline and in the “HR as Business Leader” functional area in the SPHRi Exam Content Outline have a direct impact on the organization’s bottom line results and affect its mission, vision and goals. The activities must align with these responsibilities.
In general, activities that qualify for business credits are those that:
·        Are nontraditional HR and not specifically covered in the other five areas of the SPHR and SPHRi ECOs.
·         Require certification holders to learn about a different business function or enter into a partnership with another department for the activity.
·         Have an impact on the organization’s mission, vision, values, bottom line, policies or strategic goals and objectives.
·         Develop certification holders’ skills in strategic planning, critical thinking, influencing, negotiation and leadership. 

HRCI - General Credits

SHRM Credits

APA Credits - FPC Content Outline, CPP Content Outline