2020 Supply Chain Innovation Award
Call for Submissions: January 15, 2020 - March 31, 2020
Throughout the last few years of economic, business and technological change, supply chains have proven to be resilient and able to meet the challenges posed by rising customer expectations and a less predictable business environment. Supply chain management (SCM) professionals have remained efficient and responsive. Company leaders who are able to communicate their significant and proven achievements can not only positively affect return on investment and performance at their own companies, they can also give back to the industry and to their peers by sharing their stories. 
For over 15 years, supply chain teams worldwide have been submitting their cases to the Supply Chain Innovation Award™ (SCIA) for the opportunity to receive recognition from their industry peers on a global stage.
This award program receives submissions from creative innovators every year. A panel of reviewers, consisting of members of CSCMP's Research Strategies Committee (RSC) and the editorial board of SupplyChainBrain, review and select submissions of "Innovation in Action" from the top innovative teams who become the finalists that present their cases at CSCMP’s EDGE Conference.
This year, we will be offering a new twist to the competition: Semi-finalists will be challenged to create a short video (roughly 3 - 5 minutes) outlining their innovation and how it can be applied to more supply chains. More details on the parameters of the video, and selection of the winner will be released at the end of the initial submission period. If your supply chain team has developed some SCM collaborative innovation(s) that could help advance the overall supply chain profession, consider sharing your story through the Supply Chain Innovation Award™ competition.
SUBMISSION DEADLINE is March 31, 2020 11pm CST.
For questions, please contact Rocio Cadena at rcadena@cscmp.org

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