On behalf of the Board of Directors of the National AHEC Organization, the Planning Committee for the 2020 Conference invites you to submit a proposal for a presentation during the upcoming conference scheduled for July 14-17, 2020, in Salt Lake City, UT.

Presentations must address one of four major programmatic areas: Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership, Practice Transformation, or AHEC Scholars. (A new focus area for presentations given to or by students involved in AHEC Scholars is also an option.)
The goals of the conference are 1) to provide practical skills and information to implement or improve AHEC-sponsored programs; 2) to enhance the professional development of AHEC directors, staff and board members, and 3) to enable participants to develop new approaches that advance the AHEC mission.

Submission timeline:
  • Submission deadline February 15, 2020 11:59 p.m. EST
  • Notification on or before April 1, 2020
  • Acceptance Deadline April 8, 2020
  • Presentation slides due on or before June 12, 2020


In planning your session, please emphasize one or more of the focus areas as applicable.  Below are some examples of presentation topics that might fall under each of these focus areas (this is by no means meant to be a comprehensive list of topics). 
Diversity and Inclusion:  Please click here to view potential topics in this category.

AHEC Scholars: Please click here to view potential topics in this category.

Leadership: Please click here to view topics in this category.

Practice Transformation: Please click here to view topics in this category.
New! Presentation for AHEC Scholars: This year we will incorporate a few separate breakout sessions for AHEC Scholars from across the country that will be attending the conference. Please click here to view the core topic areas that we are looking for presentations on.

  1. Presentation proposals will be submitted online and must be complete. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. Click here to create an account or to login and submit an abstract.

  2. You are encouraged to create and save all of your materials (learning objectives, presentation summary, references, and speaker bios) as Word documents before logging on to submit an abstract.  You can then copy and paste contents from the word document(s) in to the online proposal.

    You will need to submit the following:

    (a) Three measurable learning objectives
    (b) A 300 word (maximum) summary of your presentation
    (c) 2-4 current bibliographic references that relate to your topic
    (d) A brief bio for each speaker

  3. Separate submissions must be made for each presentation you wish to present.

  4. If you want to alter some other details once you have submitted a presentation proposal, do not submit the proposal again. Click here to log in with your proposal ID and password you selected when you first submitted your presentation proposal. You can only make changes to your presentation if you originally clicked "Save and Continue Later". If you clicked "Save and Submit" then the proposal is locked from editing. After that you can only make changes by totally resubmitting.

  5. You will receive notification of confirmation on or before April 1, 2020.

  6. If you are selected as a presenter, an electronic copy of your handouts is due no later than June 12, 2020.  

  7. Conference presentations should not be used solely to market products or services. 

  8. Standard audio/visual equipment provided by the NAO includes a computer for PowerPoint presentations, LCD projector, screen, and a lectern with hardwired lectern microphone. An internet connection will also be available in the breakout rooms.

  9. Presenters will be required to register for the conference at the standard conference registration rate and are responsible for all travel expenses related to attendance.

  10. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that while you are entering the proposal information into the online submission system, DO NOT use the “back” button of your internet browser. You will need to click "Save & Continue Later" if you need to leave the submission application page. Also, if for any reason, you feel you may need to return to your abstract to make any changes at a later time, please click "Save & Continue Later". Be sure to make any changes prior to the deadline date of February 15, 2020 and click "Save and Submit".

  11. For technical assistance, please email us at NationalAHEC@conferencedirect.com. For all other inquiries please email conference@nationalahec.org.

Oral Presentations
Presenters may elect to conduct either a single session (one hour and 15 minutes in length including 10 minutes for Q&A) or may opt for double sessions (back-to-back one hour and 15 minute sessions) for topics that require additional time for task completion or that contain a skills-development component.

  • Single Sessions provide a forum in which a new concept or review and reworking of an established idea can be presented, demonstrated, and discussed to enable the participants to assimilate the concept into their work. Single Session presentations may be conducted by an individual or may include the collaboration of multiple AHECs or disciplines. Typically more didactic in nature, opportunities for participants to ask questions and engage in dialogue with Single Session presenters are encouraged.

  • Double Sessions provide a task-oriented, small group educational experience directed toward the understanding and acquisition of specific knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes. These sessions should accomplish specific learning objectives designed to provide participants with increased competence in some area related to the AHEC mission. Double Sessions should include opportunities for practice and feedback. When this is not possible, Double Sessions must include time to discuss how skills can be applied in the participants’ work settings. 

Poster Presentations provide a brief overview of an existing program, intervention, or AHEC Scholars activity with information on how to implement the program and measure its impact.  Posters must be printed by the presenter in 36x46 inch poster format that will be mounted for viewing with the presenter present for a viewing/judging session Tuesday, July 14.  New this year there will also be poster awards as selected by conference attendee voting after attendees have viewed the posters. 
Poster presentation submissions are encouraged to use the same focus areas as with breakout presentations in thinking about appropriate poster content.
Posters submitted by AHEC Scholars are welcome and will be eligible for an award in their own separate Scholars poster category.  AHEC Scholars poster presenters will have an option to participate in poster presentation judging virtually if in-person conference attendance is not possible due to cost or clinical/academic schedules.  

PLEASE NOTE: The Conference Program Committee may wish to combine two or more single-session proposals into a combined multi-presenter panel with 2-3 presentations on similar topics given in the space of a single shared session. Presenters will be informed if this is the case at the time they are notified of acceptance and given the option to decline.