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Submitting a Technical Paper Proposal

You can submit an abstract or preliminary paper for EDI CON describing a proposed technical session relating to your work in RF/microwave or high-speed digital design by November 30, 2017.

To be considered, the abstract must provide a sufficient level of technical detail for the Technical Advisory Committee. To be accepted, submissions must be high quality and robust, aimed at advancing the knowledge of attendees. Additional materials, such as a preliminary paper, can also be submitted at this time to help in the review process. Submissions will be evaluated based on quality, relevance, impact, and originality. Note that while prospective authors are welcome to reference products in a design case study or as a proof of concept for a design methodology, overt commercial content is NOT acceptable in session proposals.

If a proposal is accepted, the author is required to submit a presentation by February 27, 2018 in PDF format (submitting a paper is optional). Presentations and papers will be available to all EDI CON conference delegates in the technical proceedings.

  • Technical papers should run between 2,000 and 3,000 words. They can contain mathematical formulas (any derivations of which should be placed in appendices) as well as a maximum of six images (including pictures or illustrative graphics such as cutaways, schematics, and graphs).
  • For presentations, speakers should use the EDICON China template in the speaker center on www.ediconchina.com