Welcome to the submission website of the Global Biobank Week  

The conference provides a global platform for comprehensive discussion and collaboration on activities important for biobanking and biopreservation of samples and data for biological and environmental research to improve health care and decrease the burden of disease worldwide.   Join the conversation in Stockholm, Sweden and be part of the journey to strive for Harmony in Biobanking 2017.

Abstract submission:

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1st February 2017 : Abstract submission opening for oral and poster

18th May 2017 (extension) : Abstract submission closing for oral and poster

 Submission rules in 2017


1) Abstract 250 words max


2) Submissions have to be made in English only


3) Abstracts for poster presentation will be submitted for the following categories:

-Biospecimen research

-Education & Standards




-New technology

-Organisation profiles



-Hot Topics


4) Abstracts may be submitted for consideration in the following categories:

Oral Talk only 
Oral Talk or Poster presentation

(Please pick the subtopic that is as applicable within the overall category).  

1) Biospecimen research
N1) Reproducibility in Research: Quality and Heterogeneity 
O1) Human Biomonitoring and Population-Based Health 
P1) FFPE utilization in research: BPs 
Q1) Quality/Biospecimen Science 

2) Education & Standards
J2) Int’l biobank Harmonization, standardization and globalization 

C3) Regulations on Biobanking - local and regional
F3) Biobank Utilization & Valuation and Public Trust 

4) Informatics 
B4) Biobank metrics for utilization 
I4) Biobank IT and Electronic Health Records(EHRs) 
M4) Big Data and Large Population Research 
N4) Biobank Catalogues -  Technical Operations 
Q4) Biobank Catalogues: Metrics and Utility 

5) Management
H5) Sustainability in Biobanking 
N5) Biobank Catalogues -  Technical Operations 
Q5) Biobank Catalogues: Metrics and Utility 

6) New technology
E6) Digital Pathology meets Biobanking 

7) Organisation profiles
P7) Biobank Networks 

8) Enviro-Bio

B8) Biobank metrics for utilization
D8) Quality management for Biobanking 
H8) Sustainability in Biobanking  
J8) Int’l biobank Harmonization, standardization and globalization
N8) Biobank Catalogues - Technical Operations  
08) Human Biomonitoring and Population-Based Health
P8) Biobank Networks
Q8) Quality/Biospecimen Science 
Q8) Biobank Catalogues: Metrics and Utility

9) Quality
D9) Quality management for Biobanking 
Q9) Quality/Biospecimen Science 

10) Hot Topics
A10) Biobanking for Personalised Medicine 
G10) Academic-Pharma Collaborations &Partnerships 
L10) Clinical Trials, Biobanking and Precision Medicine 
M10) Big Data and Large Population Research 

5) Innovative Technologies for Biobanking (oral only) 

Innovative Technologies for Biobanking -Disruptive innovations can be related to a diversity of technological developments and structural changes in Biobank operations.  This session will highlight ground-breaking innovations and best practice examples along the biobank’s value chain. We are calling for speakers who want to share the positive impact of their recent biobank project in 10-min pitches focused on new technologies employed within the Biobanking continuum.  Successful abstracts will be included in this session and the pool will be judged for a Presidents' Prize: “Global Biobank Innovation Award”