Technology in support of Customs in the supply chain –

A spotlight on relevant international standards


10-11 November, from 12:00 to 15:00 pm (Brussels time)


The World Customs Organization will hold its 2nd TECH-CON in a virtual mode on 10-11 November. TECH-CON 2021 will discuss international standards of importance for automation and interoperability amongst relevant systems contributing to the efficiency of border procedures. 

As a standard setting organization, the WCO and its Membership work in close cooperation with all relevant international organizations and the private sector towards developing consistent and meaningful IT and data exchange standards that can ensure a harmonized approach in collecting and sharing of data  for Customs purposes.

A better awareness and understanding of the standards that can support Customs’ mission is critical for increasing their level and consistency of implementation. This applies to all modes of transport, including complex e-commerce and single window environments. Regardless of the technology used, whether we are looking at legacy systems or blockchain technology, standards are the key building block for successful interoperable solutions.

TECH-CON 2021 sessions will delve into the application of international standards at different levels, including dataset, data model and harmonization, X-ray imaging, legal, identity, interoperability and many other standards. Join us and gain valuable expert insights from representatives of Member administrations, international organizations, private sector associations and others.



The conference will be interpreted simultaneously in three languages, English, French and Spanish



WCO Data Model

The WCO Data Model is a common language for information exchange between different stakeholders in the cross-border trade and movement of goods and passengers.

It is a compilation of clearly structured, harmonized, standardized and reusable sets of data definitions and electronic messages designed to meet the operational and legal requirements of Customs and other cross-border regulatory agencies (CBRAs) responsible for border management.

It is consistent with other international standards, such as the United Nations Trade Data Elements Directory (UNTDED), and is updated on a regular basis to ensure that it remains fit for purpose.



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