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Technical FAQ

How do I log in to a virtual session during the Conference?

You will access all of the agenda sessions from the Session Lobby. You must log into the Session Lobby using your last name and registration number. Then click on the JOIN button when it is time for the session. It's that easy!

How do I view a recorded session after the Conference?

You'll view recorded sessions the same way as the live sessions. Log in to the Sessions Lobby and click on the Recordings button for the desired session. Recordings of Zoom sessions will be in Show More description of the session. Recordings will be avilable for at least 30 days after the Conference.

How do I test my device to ensure I can access the virtual Conference sessions?

Chrome nd Firefox are the recommended browsers to view virtual Conference sessions. There are known issues with Microsoft Edge. Additionally, we recommend using a computer instead of a mobile device. 

Once in the Session Lobby there is a button to test your system. You can also test your computer now to ensure Web Sockets are supported. Click here to test

Firewalls may be set up to reject Web Socket traffic or anti-virus software may be configured to block Web Sockets. Personal or corporate firewall settings may need to be changed to allow Web Sockets. Some VPNs may block the connection, so try again without a VPN connection,

Browser extensions may block audio/video. Try opening the event in Chrome's Incognito mode (CTRL+SHIFT+N on Windows and +SHIFT+N on MacOS).

You will need a download speed of approximatley 2.5 Mbps. Click here for Zoom system requirements for Windows and MacOS. 

Will I need a webcam and microphone to to attend virtual sessions?

We'll be using a combination of our integrated platform virtual delivery for some sessions and Zoom for some sessions. Most sessions will be delivered "webinar" style so you will not need a camera or microphone. However, a few sessions will be "meeting" style and are intended for more direct participation so a camera and audio are recommended. Webinar style sessions are be identified by a headphone icon like this: . Interactive sessions use Zoom and are identified by a square containing an up arrow icon like this . Video/audio participation is encouraged but not required for these interactive sessions.

For our interactive Zoom sessions, you can download and use our virtual backgrounds.

Will I need to download any software to view virtual sessions?

You will not need to download any software to use our integrated virtual delivery. For Zoom sessions you may use the Zoom application if you have already installed it or want to install it. You will have a better experience with the Zoom desktop client. To join a Zoom session via a browser, click Cancel on the dialog to download and run Click on the link to run from your browser. 


Networking FAQ

How do I network with other attendees, speakers, and exhibitors?

We recognize that networking is an important part of the Conference. To give you the best posible virtual Conference experience, we've added new features to the Conference App to help you network with other attendees, speakers and exhibitors. 

You will be able to add interest topics to your profile and "discover" others that share similar interests in the Networking module. 

Will my personal information be shared?

Your personal contact information (email, phone, address) will not be shared publicly in the app. Your personal contact information remains hidden unless you accept a Networking contact request. Then your email is available for that person to send email to you. You are in control! 

I want to use the app but don't want to be available to network or establish contacts.

You'll be able to control whether or not others can "discover" you as a potential contact in the Network module settings. See the App Help Networking video for how to do this.

Conference App FAQ

Where do I download the Conference App?

Go to to download the app for iOS and Android. 

I logged in to the app but do not see the agenda or other Conference information.

If you used the app for a prior event you may still be logged in to that event. Log out and log in again with your Conference credentials.

I tried to log in and the app is stuck on the title screen with a message about "parsing" or "fetching" event data (iOS).

To remedy this, Force Quit the app and re-open it.

How do I learn how to use the Conference App?

We've put together a series of short videos on how to use the modules within the Conference App.

Contact Support During the Conference

Email or use the in-app Chat to message Dale Armstrong