SWIFT 2016 National Professional Learning Institute
SWIFT 2016
National Professional Learning Institute

Thank you so much for participating in the SWIFT 2016 National Professional Learning Institute! It was a huge success! The event allowed nearly 500 educators, family and community members from across the US to come together learn and network. One of the most repeated comments we heard from participants was along the lines of, “This is one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to!” That’s all thanks to YOU, our participants! We know that sharing your experiences and passion with your fellow inclusive education advocates has a ripple effect – participants return home energized with fresh ideas and renewed zeal for including ALL students. What you shared in Arlington, VA, makes a difference to a second-grader in Mississippi, or a student with extensive support needs in Oregon. We truly are better together. Keep up the great work, because we need you! 


We’d better, together!

Keynote Speaker Dr. Atasha James

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Presentation given by Atasha James, Keynote Speaker.

Day 2 Keynote given by Sue Swenson

Dan Habib Filmmaker

Check out the two SWIFT films premiered by Dan Habib.

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