Supporting Nursing Moms at Work Webinar for the Business Community
Making it Work:
Using New National Tools to Help Employers
Support Nursing Moms

More than 75% of new mothers initiate breastfeeding and many want to continue when they return to work. Support for employees who are nursing their children is a valued employee benefit. It is also good for the company’s bottom line, yielding a 3 to 1 Return on Investment due to lower absenteeism rates of both mothers and fathers (since breastfed babies are healthier); higher retention rates; lower health care costs and higher productivity and loyalty among workers.

In addition, new Federal requirements under FLSA require employers to provide time and a private space for nursing employees; however, providing those accommodations can be challenging in settings where space and time are at a premium. 

This webinar will introduce and demonstrate a NEW national online resource site provided by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health, Located at, the site presents practical breastfeeding accommodation solutions, covering 22 industry categories. It includes hundreds of photos, 28 videos, and creative solutions from employers across the nation—in challenging work environments—to provide space and time for nursing moms to express milk at work.
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