2012 AREAA National Convention

Founder & Change Agent

Michael Tchong is founder of Social Revolution, a startup that aims to reshape America’s future by leveraging social media’s most promising technology, crowdsourcing. Michael’s public speaking career was launched during the internet boom after he founded ICONOCAST, an online marketing pioneer. He has entertained audiences worldwide, thrilling them with inspiring insights into marketing, lifestyle trends, social media and technology. A change management consultant, Michael educates and motivates attendees by exploring innovative solutions that leverage fast-moving trends. His transformational talks show how brands are adapting to emerging shifts in business and society, with a special focus on innovation and reinvention. Michael is the author of Social Engagement Marketing, an expert guide to the world of social media. His insightful analysis can be found at MichaelTchong.com. Michael’s latest start-up, Social Revolution (http://www.socialrevolution.co/), aims to reinvent America by crowdsourcing innovative solutions: https://www.socialrevolution.spigit.com/.