2012 AREAA National Convention

Executive Vice President

Robert Fragoso is the Executive Vice President of Anchor Loans, a private financier for real estate investors based in Cerritos, CA. Robert’s experience in real estate spans over 20 years. He has been pivotal in the funding of over $1.3 Billion to private investors and has overseen the purchase of over 1,300 properties in the past 2 ½ years. While analyzing over 5,000 properties a year, Anchor Loans prides itself on the ability to spot the formation of new trends prior to their publication by media, and assisting its clients in this ever evolving market. Anchor Loans has strategically positioned itself in this marketplace through its proprietary software by spotting trends before they have formed. Currently Anchor acts as the acquisition arm for one of the largest hedge funds in the country and is quickly being recognized by the marketplace as the go to entity on many facets in this real estate market. Agents are quickly recognizing the speed and efficiency by which Anchor Loans can buy properties at close to market value for cash flow purposes. Anchor has been successful in helping investors grow faster through mentorship style investing, and sourcing of fix and flip properties.