Fearless Creative Leader Hall of Fame

Need some inspiration to help you keep your in-house creative team happily motivated, navigate corporate bureaucracy, and establish your department’s value to the company? Read on for stories from creative managers who deserve purple hearts for their brave dedication to happy employees and exceptional creative work.

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Ed Roberts
First-Time InHOWse Managers Conference Attendee in 2011

"Last summer, I decided to attend— for the first time—the InHOWse Managers Conference. I wanted something solid to grasp when I found myself working late, in-house and waist deep in corporate weeds. The speakers and panelists were keenly knowledgeable, successful in-house designers and managers who were approachable and open to one-on-one conversations. The camaraderie formed among conference presenters and attendees throughout the conference was priceless.

I left Chicago feeling as though I was a member of a legion of talented, vibrant and motivated people, passionate about producing exceptional solutions. The InHOWse Managers Conference has inspired me to think of revolutionary ways to gain consensus throughout my organization and position my team as a driving force in the development of innovative solutions that strengthen our brand from the inside out.
My team and I have developed a mission statement and a set of core values that govern how we work together and with our clients and vendors. As a result, we have successfully redeveloped and launched our organization's corporate style guide with the help of "brand stewards," stakeholders from all levels of our organization. This collective group works together to ensure that the integrity of our brand will always be respected and never compromised. This is one of many successes my team and I have accomplished since the Conference. Recently, the COO mentioned that he looks forward to hearing my perspective in management meetings and has encouraged me to continue to offer it. As a result, my seat at the corporate table has been solidified and I plan to stay a good long while. Will I attend another InHOWse Managers Conference? Abso@$#%ing lutely—sign me up!"