Law and technology conference 2017
 Friday, 13 October 2017  
Law and Technology Conference 2017

Legal technology – or LegalTech – can mean many different things. To some, it can entail short-term development in cloud computing and remote working. To others, it is the prospect of innovation in artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data fundamentally changing the very nature of the legal profession.

The Law and Technology Conference 2017 recognises the importance of addressing the risks and opportunities of legal technology from both of these perspectives. With clients and technology firms embracing technological innovations, it is crucial that law firms should not be left behind. Client demands are changing, and an understanding of new technology is key to ensuring that lawyers can continue to efficiently deliver high-quality services and improve access to justice.

Why should I attend?

Attendees will be able to:
  • Consider how technology is changing legal practice
  • Evaluate the risks and opportunities technological change poses to the legal profession
  • Develop strategies for collaborating with universities and tech firms
  • Appreciate the ethical issues posed by technological developments
  • Manage cybersecurity incidents and mitigating risks
  • Improve efficiency through cloud computing
  • Explore the potential of artificial intelligence
  • Learn how to generate insights from the data held by law firms

This conference is pertinent to all those in the profession - whether you are a trainee or a partner, no one is immune to the risk of cyber attacks, and the value of managing these platforms efficiently is universal.

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