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Featured Speaker: Stephanie Lampkin

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
OCCC W320 Chapin Theater

Objective: Inspiration
Audience Level: All
Session Type: Presentation

#ItsNotAPipelineProblem – How to Twirl on the Haters of Women in Tech & Leadership

In a recent 10-page manifesto entitled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber”, former Google software engineer James Damore denounces gender-based diversity efforts because of inherent psychological differences that limit women’s success in technical and leadership roles. This sentiment is more commonly held, consciously or subconsciously, than many choose to believe. However, diversity leaders at top tech companies continue to use the ‘Pipeline Problem’ to explain dismal diversity gains over the past 3 years. Stephanie Lampkin, founder & CEO of Blendoor will share her journey of perseverance and how we can leverage unique assets to level the playing field and drive true meritocracies in the future of work.



Stephanie Lampkin, Founder & CEO, Blendoor