MarTech Europe 2016
InterContinental Hotels: Our Transition to Real-Time Marketing

Nick Worth, CMO, Selligent
Charlie Aspey, Email Marketing Manager, Europe, InterContinental Hotel Group


Join Charlie and Nick as they take you through the ins and outs and the ups and downs of IHG’s transition from batch marketing to real-time marketing. They will dive into the strategy and tactics — including automating promotional and email campaigns, leveraging guest info across channels, and marketing to priority club members — as well as discuss challenges faced along the way. They'll also detail results including: 

- An 81% reduction in email time to market;
- A dynamic email template with 30,000+ versions automatically generated and targeted in less than 2 seconds;
- A dramatic improvement in CTR and email performance;
- And a significant lift in customer loyalty, retention and lifetime value.