MarTech Europe 2016
From Beautifying Marketing To Revenue Marketing - The MarTech Way!

Piotr Golczyk, Marketing Operations Director, Luxoft


Piotr will share the story of Luxoft's transformation from "beautifying marketing" to "revenue marketing" through the adoption of marketing technology and changes to operations and management. The shift began with the implementation of a marketing automation platform, which served as a catalyst for rethinking their buyer's journey and how to instrument and optimise it.

In this session you'll learn how Luxoft was able to:
- Identify and track all touch points with customers (including offline calls);
- Expand and manage their martech stack with CRM, social media marketing, targeted advertising, etc.;
- Embrace agile management and implement management technologies to support it;
- Create a data warehouse to centralise all data from multiple touch points;
- Develop the organisational capital of people and processes necessary to succeed.