MarTech Europe 2016
Marketing Ops is a Philosophy, Not a Department

Justin Dunham, Director, Marketing Ops & Digital Acquisition, Urban Airship


Every marketing technologist has heard the term "DevOps" as an integration of the development and operations functions. DevOps focuses on processes and methods that integrate development, QA and IT operations so that delivery is faster, more predictable and more reliable. But mostly, DevOps is a set of principles around IT operations that yields better results.

Marketing Ops is a set of principles, too. In fact, it's a philosophy with these principles:

- Accountability through data;
- "Test and learn" culture, enabled by good process and good analytics tools;
- Technology as a competitive advantage, not a barrier to be overcome;
- Playbooks and workflows that allow for the creation of higher-quality campaigns, faster.

Justin will introduce the idea of Marketing Ops as a philosophy and contrast companies that embrace these concepts vs. those who use more traditional organisational structures. He'll also illustrate the advantages that accrue to genuine Marketing Ops organisations and provide suggestions on how to get started or improve your own operations.