MarTech Europe 2016
Lunch - RedPoint Global (Invitation Only)

Patrick Tripp, VP Product Strategy, RedPoint Global


Mind the Gap; Bridging Customer Strategy and Execution with Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing organizations are often limited in their ability to progress marketing tactics from single channel to cross-channel and real-time customer engagement. While marketing organizations might have a robust customer engagement strategy in place, often times there is a gap between their strategy and their ability to execute, with the right personalization and context that customers prefer. Join Patrick Tripp, VP of Product Strategy at RedPoint Global to discuss a data-driven approach that marketing organizations can take to bridge the gap, including:

- Research and insights on common data challenges for enterprise marketing organizations;
- How to leverage data, insight, and action cohesively to drive cross-channel customer engagement;
- Customer examples and innovations that will help marketers address the data challenge.