WCET's 28th Annual Meeting

Distinguished Lecturer
Jacksonville State University
Scott Beckett earned his Secondary Teaching Certificates in Mathematics, Biology, and General Science in 1986 and has been teaching math and science at different levels ever since. He earned his A.B. in Social Relations from Harvard University, his M.S. in Forestry from Auburn University, his M.S. in Psychology from Jacksonville State University, and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2012. Since 2012, he has trained JSU psychology graduate students to teach college developmental algebra using applied behavioral science and presented the results of that method at numerous conferences and webinars, including the International Precision Teaching Conference, Association for Behavior Analysis International, Alabama Association for Developmental Education, and National Association for Developmental Education. He is the Project Implementation Manager for NROC at JSU, and that collaboration has greatly enhanced the success of the developmental algebra program.