WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
STLR: Tool and Process to Develop, Track, Assess, and Document Student “Non-Cognitive” Skills

Moderator: , Director, Learning, Assessment, and Online Education, University of Rhode Island
Speaker: , Executive Director, University of Central Oklahoma


University of Central Oklahoma's Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) is a tool and process whereby students develop beyond-disciplinary skills employers are crying for but which don’t show up on the academic transcript. STLR experiences are designed into the curriculum and the co-curriculum in ways that allow for authentic assessment using quality rubrics, and student achievement of these skills is tracked and displayed on a student mobile app as well as in students’ comprehensive student records. Crucially, STLR is a formative process, with students able to track their development of beyond-disciplinary competencies and to select upcoming opportunities that associate to their particular future career and life ambitions. STLR also includes an eportfolio. A wide-ranging initiative that involves the entire campus, STLR works — we’re in our third year with thousands of students, hundreds of faculty, and hundreds of STLR curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities now in place.

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