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Bold Goals: Intel's CEO and CDO on Changing the Landscape of the Tech Industry

October 20, 2016
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Hall A3

Track: Plenaries
Level: All

In January 2015, Brian Krzanich, Chief Executive Officer of Intel Corporation, committed his company to a bold goal: Reach full representation of women and under-represented minorities in Intel’s workforce by the year 2020. At a time when diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of the national conversation, and diversity is top of mind for C-Suites across the tech industry, Intel remains one of the few companies that has taken a specific and time-bound goal to improve workforce representation and diversity. Intel is transforming, and diversity and inclusion are driving forces behind Intel’s strategy for growth and transformation. Intel is now 18 months into this journey and throughout the journey the company has made significant progress and uncovered unexpected challenges as it strives to accomplish its goals. Fundamental to Intel’s diversity & inclusion strategy is accountability, transparency, and a holistic approach to representation. Join Brian Krzanich and Intel’s Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Danielle Brown, for a fireside chat discussing this journey and strategy for meeting the 2020 goal, as well as a candid exploration of the challenges facing the technology industry and Intel as it endeavors to change the landscape of the industry. Brian and Danielle will share two different perspectives – as CEO and CDO – on the hiring, developing, retaining and progressing of talent, the culture in the tech industry, the STEM pipeline, and the evolution of a company where women and underrepresented minorities can thrive. They welcome an open dialogue with participants in the plenary session in a joint fireside chat/Q&A format.


, CEO, Intel
, Chief Diversity Officer, Intel