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GHC General Poster Session

October 19, 2016
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Hall C

Track: General
Type: Posters
Level: All

Poster: Image Privacy Prediction Using Deep Features
Presenter: Ashwini Tonge

Poster: Solving practical problems in computer vision, including image processing and object tracking in videos
Presenter: Nina Narodytska

Poster: Emotion and Computer Mediated Communication
Presenter: Claire Opila

Poster: Human Collision Prediction in Virtual Reality
Presenter: Eliza Scott

Poster: Development of a Mobile Sensor Platform for a Therapeutic Infant Smart-Mobile Device
Presenter: Michelle Smith

Poster: Effects of window size, presence, and view on the perceived spaciousness of a room using immersive virtual reality as a medium for experiment
Presenter: Francine Lapid

Poster: Voice Recognition Accuracy and Accessibility of Windows Cortana
Presenter: Morgan Hood

Poster: Performance Study of Wireless Body Area Network using Data Aggregation
Presenter: Suryadip Chakraborty

Poster: 1000 Genomes, 1 Approach: Analyzing Large Public Genomic Datasets using Cloud Computing
Presenter: Maya Anand

Poster: The Infant Smart Anklet for Infants At Risk of Developing Cerebral Palsy
Presenter: De'Aira Bryant

Poster: Using an Open-Source Speech Recognition Software, CMU Sphinx's Pocketsphinx, to interface with a web-based Avatar for a Smart Home
Presenter: Kira Curry

Poster: Increasing Developer Productivity with a Component-oriented Front-End Architecture
Presenter: Carol Tsai

Poster: Optimized Provenance Reconstruction using Genetic Algorithm
Presenter: Subha Vasudevan

Poster: Dense Human Correspondences using Convolutional Networks
Presenter: Duygu Ceylan

Poster: Fall or Not Fall:That is the Question
Presenter: Yanxia Jia

Poster: Analyzing Phishing URLs
Presenter: Avisha Das

Poster: A virtual environment tool for the evaluation of Learned Non-use in stroke survivors
Presenter: Adriana Alvarado Garcia

Poster: Find me my Way: WiFi based Location System
Presenter: Vandana Singh

Poster: Performing Spellchecking in Nigerian Pidgin without a Prebuilt Wordlist Using Naijaspell
Presenter: Foghor Tanshi

Poster: Efficient Isomer Network Extraction - A Big Data Problem in Chemistry
Presenter: Dheivya Thiagarajan

Poster: An Information Theoretic Treatment of Sequence-to-expression Modeling, with application to Biological Experiment Design and Experiment Valuation
Presenter: Farzaneh Khajouei

Poster: Geographical Data Collection by Citizens: Taxonomy and Challenges
Presenter: Natália Machado

Poster: Security in Internet of Things
Presenter: Aditi Prakash

Poster: Using Technology to Plan Accessible Conferences
Presenter: Hanlin Li

Poster: Optimal Cloud Caching with Memory Damage Awareness
Presenter: Samta Shukla

Poster: Analyzing Experts’ Eye Gaze Movements While Doing 3D Image Segmentation
Presenter: Anahita Sanandaji

Poster: Investigating Reliability in Vehicular Clouds
Presenter: Aida Ghazi Zadeh

Poster: The Impact of Quality Metrics on Communities Detected in Complex Networks
Presenter: Anastasia Voloshinov

Poster: Releasing often, with quality
Presenter: Gowri Venkatesh

Poster: Allosteric Modulation of Protein-Protein Interactions
Presenter: Shipra Malhotra

Poster: The Autonomy of Visual Kinesthesis in Virtual Reality
Presenter: Keri Wang

Poster: How to Identify Customers Likely to Churn
Presenter: Tara Mardan

Poster: Estimation of the Investability of Real Estate Properties Through Text Analysis
Presenter: Moloud Shahbazi

Poster: Crowd feedback: A multi-faceted framework for designing crowd-based feedback systems
Presenter: Eureka Foong

Poster: Creating UI Consistency in an App Platform
Presenter: Richard Ram

Poster: Learning Antonyms using the Paraphrase Database
Presenter: Sneha Rajana

Poster: Pathfinders: Nebraska Women in Technology
Presenter: Natasha Pavlovikj

Poster: Scene Image Classification Using Wavelets and Bag of Words Model
Presenter: Atreyee Sinha

Poster: API Mashup Creation Recommendation
Presenter: Aditi Jain

Poster: Using SAT Solvers to Investigate Ramsey-Type Numbers
Presenter: Hannah Christenson

Poster: Confidence Disparity Between Genders: Effects of Personal Project Emphasis on Projections of Success in Computer Science
Presenter: Gloria Liou

Poster: The LLVM Project: Compilers, Tools, and More
Presenter: Tanya Lattner

Poster: Visualize Stolen Identity Refund Fraud Patterns
Presenter: Vivian Gerritsen

Poster: Time-Sensitive Virtual Machines Provisioning and Resource Allocation in Clouds
Presenter: Rehana Begam

Poster: Open Source Search with Apache Lucene/Solr: a journey
Presenter: Christine Poerschke

Poster: Particle deposition in grid according to Particle-In-Cell (PIC) Scheme using Graphical Processing Unit
Presenter: Tunazzina Islam

Poster: Sentiment Analysis in Finance
Presenter: Karan Uppal

Poster: Enterprise your Private Cloud with Reduced Storage Hardware Costs, Guaranteed Storage Performance, Zero Window Backups and more
Presenter: Asmita Jagtap

Poster: Tieness: Measuring the Strength of Co-authorship Ties
Presenter: Michele Brandao

Poster: Quantitative Modeling of Gene Expression by Using DNA Shape and Accessibility Data
Presenter: Pei-Chen Peng

Poster: Collective Opinion Spam Detection: Bridging Review Networks and Metadata
Presenter: Shebuti Rayana

Poster: Leveraging Topic Model for Unsupervised Classification of Mental Disorder
Presenter: Ayesha Malika Khan

Poster: OPQLPig: A Seamless Synergy between Pig and Provenance Query for Big Data
Presenter: Fahima Bhuyan

Poster: Privacy-Preserving Coordination in Smart Communities
Presenter: Parisa Kianmajd

Poster: #HackingThePipeline: How Special STEM Programs Affect Women’s Perceptions of Computer Science
Presenter: Jeanna Clark

Poster: PAFB: Privacy preserving authentication framework using bloom filter for secure vehicular communications
Presenter: Avleen Malhi

Poster: Domain Decomposition with Recursive Inertial Bisection
Presenter: Emily Diana

Poster: CaRing: Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome based on Daily Activities from Always-Available Input Device
Presenter: Shuowei Li

Poster: A New Pathway: A Software Engineering Master’s Program for Liberal Arts Graduates
Presenter: Linda Laird

Poster: TrueView: Harnessing the Power of Multiple Review Sites
Presenter: Amanda Minnich

Poster: Automated Receipt Capture with Concur Technologies Inc.
Presenter: Sayari Ghosh

Poster: Technical Storytelling: Tips from Cloud Software Engineering
Presenter: Beryl (Nina) Jennings

Poster: Energy-Aware Target Tracking in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSNs)
Presenter: Nazia Majadi

Poster: Proposal to reduce the digital and financial gap using HCE in payment activities of Peruvian people
Presenter: Edith Rivero

Poster: Predicting Defectiveness of Software Patches
Presenter: Behjat Soltanifar

Poster: Condensing Accessibility Information for the Built Environment via Mobile Application
Presenter: Drew Williams

Poster: Combining Power and Performance Modeling for Application Analysis: A Case Study using Aspen
Presenter: Mariam Umar

Poster: Computational Models to Link Skin Appearance and Skin Microbiome
Presenter: Parneet Kaur

Poster: How to Find Meaning in Petabytes of Data
Presenter: Suzanne Parete-Koon

Poster: Igniting the Path to a More Diverse Tomorrow
Presenter: Halle Dymowski

Poster: IoT Security - Platform to Connect IoT Devices Securely
Presenter: Kavitha Lakshmi

Poster: Let’s Curb Domestic Violence: A Machine Learning Driven Approach
Presenter: Fiona Khatana

Poster: Compiling MATLAB to C++ to Improve Performance and Efficiency
Presenter: Amalee Wilson

Presenter: Shiwani S

Poster: Predictive General Rank Based Correlation Coefficient
Presenter: Divya Pandove

Poster: Kill the Clone: Fix the Duplicate Applications Trap
Presenter: Deepthi Pulluri

Poster: Social Robot Programming Workshop for Middle and High School Girls
Presenter: Nobuko Kishi

Poster: Computational Predictions of RNA/Protein Binding Affinities
Presenter: Kalli Kappel

Poster: Optimal Dynamic Formation Control of Multi-Agent Systems in Constrained Environments
Presenter: Xinmiao Sun

Poster: Planning an Outreach Program for Women in Technology
Presenter: Moran Tsur

Poster: A Decentralized Optimal Control Framework for Connected and Automated Vehicles at Urban Intersections
Presenter: Yue Zhang

Poster: Waves of Disruption – The Enterprise Datacenter journey
Presenter: Preethy Padmanabhan

Poster: Virtual Reality Games for Cybersecurity Education
Presenter: Brita Munsinger

Poster: Qualia: Towards Automating Screenplay Evaluation
Presenter: Li Zhao