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Invited Speaker: Mischel Kwon

October 21, 2016
9:00 am - 10:00 am
GRB General Assembly B

Track: Security/Privacy
Type: Presentation
Level: All

Today’s Challenges and Wins Around Incident Detection, Response, and Remediation 

Today, both foreign adversaries and opportunistic hackers, create challenges for organizations. These challenges range from controlling annoyance attacks, to identifying and eradicating campaign activity. Often compounded by internal politics, funding, stagnant tools and processes. Understanding the true risk to the actual mission or business and empowering executives to take critical action by giving them factual reporting enables organizations to win against these odds. This talk will explore the hard problems as well as some of the new successes around incident detection, response and remediation. We will examine the lifecycle of incident response through several use case examples in order to better understanding the challenges of threat intelligence and TTP/IOC collection and detection, sensoring, and other data collection, mining, and research in order to detect complex adversaries. We will discuss beginning remediation earlier - during the threat process, and the success gained through proactive remediation. We would be remiss in not examining how to prioritize the plethora of attacks by truly understanding the risk to the organization. We will look at a risk scoring algorithm that can be integrated into the incident response framework. We will also discuss new successes around steam lining repetitive SOC processes, automating more security device arming, through SOC process optimization, automation and orchestration.


, President and CEO, MKACyber