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Tech Node sponsored by Microsoft

October 21, 2016
9:00 am - 11:00 am
GRB 372 A

Track: Special Sessions
Level: All

AI Can, You Can: Endless Possibilities with Artificial Intelligence & Data Science 

Data science is an exploding field in both industry and academia. Artificial intelligence has the capability to make life easier for humans. Together, they are key differentiators for companies and coveted skills in the workforce. In this session, we will show how to use and train bots to respond to natural language queries (a common need in enterprises, especially for call center/support scenarios). You will get a chance to query a Recruiting bot to ask questions about working at Microsoft, as well as work on an interactive exercise to break down the intents, entities, and utterances behind bots. We will also discuss and demonstrate other aspects of data science and artificial intelligence. Machines can recognize faces, detect objects, understand emotion, and analyze text and its sentiment. We will talk about image classification using a bag-of-words approach and cement your understanding with an interactive exercise. This fun, interactive session will deepen your understanding of data science and artificial intelligence. You will gain experience with bots, natural language, and machine cognitive functions, and leave with an arsenal of resources to continue your learning.