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Tech Node sponsored by Intuit

October 20, 2016
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
GRB 362 A

Track: Special Sessions
Level: All

Information security is often thought about after something bad happens. In today’s fast-paced environment it is no longer adequate to think about security at the end of the product development cycle, it must be designed and integrated in the early stages and be ruthlessly monitored throughout its lifecycle. Not everyone agrees. In many industries security remains solely a compliance function, considered too late in the design process to be impactful. But the success of those who have come to recognize that security, when designed into the product at its onset with continual focus on solving customer problems at speed and scale, can create a considerable and lasting competitive advantage. In In this interactive session, Intuit’s Cyber Security and DevSecOps Red Teams will guide the attendees through a hands-on, real world simulation where participants will gain experience with the specific rugged techniques that detect and reduce the time it takes to identify software weaknesses, and also begin to develop and practice “Security as Code” skills. In a nutshell, participants will learn to become “rugged”. Attendees will leave with knowledge of a practical, high-demand skill and a greater understanding of emerging industry and organizational trends. They will be empowered to engage in discussions that will form the mindsets and behaviors of companies and shape the industry to come. Join this session and become part of the security revolution.


, DevSecOps Leader, Intuit
, Staff Software Engineer, Intuit