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Career Transformation for the Everywoman: Getting in, and Staying in, Technology

October 20, 2016
10:30 am - 11:30 am
GRB 371 A-C

Track: Community
Level: All

This panel explores career changes and challenges for women of all ages who have entered the technology workforce through traditional and non­traditional paths. The discussion celebrates the struggles, success and strategies of everyday women who have reinvented themselves in order to embark on, or stay in, a technical career. Panelists from diverse backgrounds will share thoughts and strategies for navigating career transformations.


, Director of ABI Communities, Anita Borg Institute
, Jr. Software Engineer, Tax Management Associates, Inc.
, Jr. Quality Assurance Analyst, Lending Tree, LLC
, Software Developer, General Assembly
, Architect, AmWINS Group, Inc.