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ACM Student Research Competition

October 19, 2016
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Hall C

Track: ACM SRC
Type: Posters
Level: All

Posters & Presenters

Poster: Moderating Users’ Impatience Using Fast Countdowns
Presenter: Moojan Ghafurian

Poster: Elderly Women Make!: Increasing Diversity in Maker Culture
Presenter: Cindy Lin

Poster: Evaluation of Tablet-based Medication Adherence Application for Seniors
Presenter: Dipanwita Dasgupta

Poster: Indoor Honking, Indication system in Smart Cars
Presenter: Ancy Philip

Poster: Enhancing the Accessibility of Mobile Apps
Presenter: Anne Ross

Poster: Detecting Help Seeking Tweets in Natural Crises
Presenter: Tahora H. Nazer

Poster: Private RkNN Query Processing Using PIR
Presenter: Farnaz Tahmasebian

Poster: A Smart Design Framework for a Novel Reconfigurable Multi-Processor Systems-on-Chip Architecture (ASREM)
Presenter: Anandi Dutta

Poster: Socially Driven Computer Networks
Presenter: Clarissa Bruno Tuxen

Poster: Empirical Evaluation of the Usability of Freezable Types for Initializing Immutable Data Structures
Presenter: Sophie Gairo

Poster: Combining Mouse and Eye Movement Biometrics for User Authentication
Presenter: Leon Hou

Poster: Using Natural Language Processing Techniques to Automate ‘Coding’ in Qualitative Research
Presenter: Meghana Marathe

Poster: CheerOn: An Online Social Support System for Design Teams
Presenter: Emily Harburg

Poster: Low-cost Ubiquitous Spectrum Sensing and Characterization
Presenter: Stuti Misra

Poster: Eyes-Free Mobile Browsing with Voice-controlled Aural Flows while Driving
Presenter: Romisa Rohani Ghahari

Poster: Heuristic Algorithms for Coflow Scheduling in Data Centers
Presenter: Tayebeh Bahreini

Poster: Efficient Intra-SM Slicing for GPU Multiprogramming
Presenter: Qiumin Xu

Poster: Overview: Matrix Multiplication Algorithms
Presenter: Fahmida Ahmed

Poster: Network-SVM: Support Vector Machine for Network Data
Presenter: Setareh Ariafar

Poster: Energy-based Lifetime Maximization and Security of Wireless Sensor Networks with General Non-ideal Battery Models
Presenter: Sepideh Pourazarm

Poster: Harnessing Kansas City Open Data to Improve the Lives of Citizens
Presenter: Samaa Gazzaz

Poster: A Parallel Approximation Algorithm for Scheduling Parallel Identical Machines
Presenter: Laleh Ghalami

Poster: The Effects of Missing Data Imputation and Discretization Techniques on Learned Bayesian Networks
Presenter: Irish Medina

Poster: Smart Fabric for Foetal Monitoring
Presenter: Ishwarya Rajkumar

Poster: DO-AS-CASPOTT: DevOps AutoScaler & Critical Artifact SPOTTer Tool for Cloud Applications
Presenter: Harini Gunabalan

Poster: Lung Cancer Treatment Outcomes Prediction Tool
Presenter: Rachel Ou-Yong

Poster: The wonderful world of Rosetta: Algorithms for modeling macromolecular biophysics
Presenter: Amanda Loshbaugh

Poster: Analyzing the Potential Knowledge Transfer on GitHub Repositories
Presenter: Lais Mota de Alencar Rocha