EPF Summit 2016

European Passengers' Federation : the voice of passengers in Europe

Thank you for attending the EPF Summit on the 26th of May 2016. Our Summit aimed at providing a platform for discussions on 3 EU mobility policy issues which are of great importance for the passenger.

The three topics for the 2016 Summit are the following :

1. Passenger safety, security, comfort and convenience : what is achievable and what is acceptable?

The transport system in Europe is an iconic system, is used by a lot of people and symbolises some of the European values. This symbolic value and the concentration of people makes the transport system a security risk. This means that a compromise between safety, security, comfort and convenience needs to be achieved.

2. Where does Europe need to act in order to deliver passengers with intermodal connectivity?

The development of EU wide multimodal travel services for passengers remains one of the outstanding challenges included in the Transport White Paper. Door-to-door seamless travel and multimodal transport services will make travelling for passengers in Europe much easier, more efficient and cleaner - and could also provide a boost to the entire transport sector. The number of initiatives to make this a reality are growing both at market and political levels.

3. How to put passengers at the heart of EU aviation and travel policy?

Europe’s air and travel sector seems in good shape but is facing crucial developments and challenges in the near future, f.e. the EU Aviation Strategy. Passengers should naturally be the focus of the industry with concepts as value for money, transparency, service quality,….

For more details and the confirmed speakers, please check the programme tab.

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