OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015

Category Manager, Mission-Critical Servers, HP EMEA, HP

Within Europe, Middle East and Africa Ken is responsible for HP’s mission-critical category of products. He enjoys the challenges and variety of work coming from managing OpenVMS, HP-UX, Integrity i4 servers and Superdome X which expands mission-critical IT into Linux, Windows and VMware environments. Over the years he has outlived VAX, Alpha and HP 9000 systems, not to mention RT-11, RSX, MUMPS and Tru64 UNIX, and now expects OpenVMS to outlive him. He started in IT as a ‘software specialist’, doing system installations and remedial support. In those days, VAX/VMS was at v1.0 and systems had 128K Words. After this, he spent time in pre-sales, working with customers across many industries. Ken moved to product marketing, in Digital, then Compaq and now HP, and has never escaped, introducing the new and retiring the old while managing the business and promoting customer satisfaction. With the IT innovation increasing at a tremendous rate, he looks forward to bringing great stuff to customers for very many more years.