OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015


Sector 7

James Hale has extensive technical experience in Internet-based, client/server and distributed technologies covering 30 years of design and development of open architecture solutions from concept through implementation – blending deep technical architecture and implementation knowledge with strong business understanding, project management, and engagement skills. James has worked as a Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Technical Director, Development Vice-President, Solutions Architect, Technical Architect, Development Manager, Management Consultant, and Project Manager responsible for solutions that integrate UNIX, VMS, MVS, and Windows platforms into advanced component-oriented, com/dcom/ole/.net, multi-tier, process-driven, distributed solutions. James has expertise in enterprise architecture, program management, project management, system life cycle development, system analysis/design, technology selection and design, technology integration, client/server environments, client/server application development and process reengineering.