OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015

Vice President of Software Engineering

VMS Software

Eddie Orcutt is Vice President of VMS Software's Software Engineering group. In this role, he is responsible for the direction, architecture, design, implementation and sustainability of OpenVMS and its layered products. Most recently, Eddie was owner and Principal Engineer at Availability Experts, a consulting company that designs cost effective, innovative and multi-disciplined computer based solutions that solve scientific, engineering technical and business problems. Prior to this role, Eddie spent 22 years working for DEC/Compaq/HP in various field engineering positions in the federal government, state and local government and commercial sectors helping customers get the most out of their HP systems. In this capacity, he wrote a Non-Cluster Aware Failover Environment application which provides an environment that enables applications that are not cluster aware to take advantage of the High Availability benefits offered by VMS Clustering. He also authored a knowledge brief on how to build an online OpenVMS software depot and solution whitepapers for various NASA and other government and commercial entities. Eddie was also a founder of Ketech Corporation, a computer consulting company, Masstech Inc., an Ada Math library software company and System Design Engineering Inc., a computer consulting and PC security software company. Eddie is based in the greater Boston area. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Mississippi State University.