OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015


Robert Gezelter Software Consultant

Robert Gezelter has worked with OpenVMS since the initial release of VAX/VMS for the VAX-11/780. His work with OpenVMS clusters similarly dates from the announcement of VAXclusters. He has over 37 years of experience consulting on Information Technology matters and is a Contributing Editor of the recently published Computer Security Handbook, 6th Edition, released in 2014. Mr. Gezelter has also spoken and published extensively on operating systems, networks, performance, security, tools, and similar areas. Since 1985, he has spoken worldwide for organizations including ACM, Connect (previously Encompass/DECUS), ISSA, ISACA, and IEEE. He was appointed to the IEEE Computer Society's Distinguished Visitors Program for a three-year term in 2004. Mr. Gezelter holds BA and MS degrees in Computer Science from New York University. He has been a Contributing Editor to the Computer Security Handbook since the Third Edition (1995).and contributed to the Handbook of Information Security (2005). Mr. Gezelter is in private practice, with clients ranging from the Fortune 10 to small businesses, both locally and internationally . His offices are in Flushing, New York. He can be contacted via his firm's www site at